If you spot a troll on CAA...

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If you spot a troll on CAA...

Postby inkhana » Sat Nov 12, 2005 5:33 pm

...do not respond to the troll in any way. Your time is much better spent PMing or IMing a member of staff and/or reporting the offensive posts. The sooner you let someone know what's going on, the sooner the posts will be cleaned up. :)

shooraijin wrote:A couple other useful things:

What is trolling?

Use the ignore feature on them so that you don't have to read their posts!

uc pseudonym wrote:The site also has a built-in reporting system, which is effective for individual posts or to alert the moderators that there is a troll. To use it, click the warning sign in the upper right hand corner of the posts.

BOOSTER: Hey, No.1! Where's my cake?!
SNIFIT 1: Booster, Sir! There's a 70% chance the object you're standing on is a cake.
BOOSTER: What? THIS thing's a cake?

You have the power to say anything you want, so why not say something positive?
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(in response to an interview question "Do you have a pet peeve having to do with this biz?")
People who write below their abilities in order to crank out tons of books and make a buck. Especially Christian authors who do that. Outsiders judge us for it, and make fun of us for it, and it makes Jesus look bad. We of all artists on earth should be the most concerned with doing our best possible work at all times. We of all people should write with all our hearts, as if writing for the Lord and not for men.
- Athol Dickson

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