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PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2014 9:23 pm
by Oddood198
OOC: Wolfy, that was plain and simply epic. Also,
Wolfsong wrote:"Just because I'm not always on top doesn't mean I never am!"

That line. That was great.

Also, I'm really bad with this type of post, so sit back and enjoy my failures.

"Reveka! We won! You won Reveka!!" Arren exclaimed, simply elated. After all they had been through, they had finally defeated Azarael. Tha battle was over. He returned his sister's embrace, squeezing her so tight he almost feared she would break, and then lifting her and spinning around. "Reveka!" He yelled again, "You're speaking! Really speaking! And, and you-" he abruptly stopped spinning and set Reveka back on the ground. Hurriedly, he searched her, looking for the spot where he had wounded her with his own sword, but found nothing, not a single blemish.
"You're... Alive. Light, Reveka, you're alive..." Still laughing in joy, tears began to flow from his eyes, and he hugged Reveka again, a more gentle, tender embrace. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, it just..." He tried to apologize, but couldn't find the words, or work them past the lump in his throat. He stayed like that for a few moments, crying into her shoulder, unable to speak, until he finally managed to force back some control of himself. He stepped back, taking hold of Reveka's hand and wiping his eyes clear. "And, you're... Tall. Ha, why are you so tall? I think you're taller than me now, that's not right." He chuckled at that, smiling faintly.

Finally, he turned to the rest, looking at them. Ethinine and Callysta, the two friends he had had his entire life, now celebrating their victory, having successfully been a part of fending off the Darkness. Jadis and Shaddoc, whom Arren simply hated at first, but had finally become comrades and friends to him.
Callysta told Ethinine that she thought they were a good team, and Jadis was saying there was now just... The Heart of Darkness?
"WHAT?!" Arren shouted, shoulders drooping and jaw dropping in disbelief. They had just been through all that, gained incomprehensible power, defeated the Hand of Darkness, and now... "There's... There's MORE?!"

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 08, 2014 5:25 pm
by Koneko-chan
Callysta beamed at Ethinine "I think so too!" She pat his hand and then held his gaze for a second "I'm really glad we all know each other, I don't know what Id do without you to be honest." She chuckled.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 7:21 am
by ClaecElric4God
OOC: What Odd said. Epicness well done, Wolf.
Also, I'm really bad at this, too, apparently. So here goes. Failures all around!

Shaddoc sighed, releasing the tension on his bow as he watched Reveka return to normal - or rather, what appeared to be normal now. Even in as little time as he'd known her, Shaddoc knew the girl Reveka was a lot shorter than the one standing there now. But it didn't really matter to him one way or the other, as long as everyone was safe and Azarael was gone for good.
Shaddoc replaced the few arrows he hadn't used back in his quiver, and slung his bow diagonally across his torso, resting it over his shoulder. Sighing deeply, he closed his eyes for a moment, looking back on the insane battle they'd just somehow managed to win - by the skin of their teeth at that.
Then Shaddoc opened his eyes and looked back at Reveka, who was happily reuniting with Arren. The truth was, if it wasn't for that strange girl, they'd probably all be dead now. There was something special about her that they couldn't have done without.
Just then, Arren's eyes met Shaddoc's, if only for a brief moment. Shaddoc half-smirked, nodding his acknowledgment and respect. Arren had fought well, considering how obviously inexperienced he was. And he'd managed to put aside his pride and do what needed to be done to take care of his sister.
Not bad, kid. He silently offered. Maybe you are more than just a short-fused shrimp. Keep this up and you might actually turn out to be a great guy someday.
Shaddoc turned back to Jadis. He still couldn't figure this guy out, no matter how much he tried. But words couldn't express how relieved and grateful Shaddoc was to see his comrade unharmed (well, relatively) and safe. He'd had quite enough of worrying and fretting about the jerk. He was way more trouble than he was worth.
"If you'll stay with me, I know I can take it," Jadis said.
Shaddoc smirked again.
Why did I have a feeling it would be something like that? He thought. There was no rest for the heroes, it seemed. Just when I was ready for a long nap.
Shaddoc reached out and clamped a hand down on Jadis' shoulder.
"Trust me, Jadis," he said, only half teasingly. "I'm not letting you out of my sight."
That never ends well. Though come to think of it, being around Jadis isn't much better.
Shaddoc sighed. There was no winning, was there? But then he looked back at his closest friend, the one who'd made his life fun and exciting over the years. Losing wasn't so bad, to tell the truth.

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2014 2:51 pm
by Wolfsong
OOC- lol failures all around. I love you guys.

"its okay Arren," Reveka said, laughing. "I know you never meant to." She was shocked when he cried on her shoulder. Usually it was the other way around. But she felt warm and held him with just as much happiness.
"And, you're... Tall. Ha, why are you so tall? I think you're taller than me now, that's not right."
She giggled. "Well, I am the oldest." She laughed when she saw his face and flung her arms around him. "Oh Arren, I think we're about the same height."
Then Arren broke down, saying, "There's MORE?!"
Jadis smiled at Shaddoc, reading his glance in an instant. "Just keep in mind Shaddoc, if we can take them all out now, we'll have much longer to rest," he said half-jokingly. Then he heard Arren's outburst. He took one look at his face and broke down laughing. "I'm sorry!" he gasped. "I just totally killed your mood, didn't I? Don't worry, I imagine this'll be much easier than Azarael..." he glanced at Reveka questioningly, also noting how deeply shadowed her wings had become. "How funny," he mused. "You know, I wish you two would take those Wings off," he said jokingly. "I'm starting to feel left out."
Ethinine was startled by Callysta's words, then smiled as he felt warmth spread through him. "Me too Callysta," he said, putting his hand on hers. "I don't know what I'd do without you." He felt truly happy.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 2:52 pm
by ClaecElric4God
Shaddoc stretched his arms up in the air, rolling his eyes at Jadis' comment.
"No," he corrected. "You'll just come up with something else for us to waste energy on."
Rolling his shoulders as he tried to work out the kinks and pains, Shaddoc looked sideways at Jadis.
"So what is the plan?"

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 5:11 pm
by Wolfsong
There was a sudden bright flash by the doorway. Jadis whirled around, hand on his sword. "Who's there?" he shouted. Then his eyes widened.
Through the doorway stumbled Emagene, supported by Demetrius. Neoman was leaning against Erasmus, looking as though he'd gone through heck. Then Nigal came through, some strange figure on his shoulder. "I had no idea that would be so exhausting," Emagene was saying. Neoman laughed softly.
"I'm sure we can figure it out between us."
"MOM!" Reveka shrieked, rushing headlong toward her, dragging Arren behind her.
Demetrius spotted Callysta and for a second just watched her. Then, suddenly, he rushed forward and flung his arms around her, holding her. He didn't say a word, he didn't have to. If anyone needed confirmation that he was happy to see his daughter again, just looked at his face. Demetrius was smiling, for the first time in a long time.
Erasmus and Ethinine hugged each other. "You did well," Erasmus said quietly. Ethinine smiled and held it close.
Jadis stood back aways beside Shaddoc, watching uncertainly. He was glad to see everyone so happy, but something about that person Nigal supported made him nervous. Then Nigal spotted him, his battered face lighting up when he did, and he said something to the other man. He lifted his head and Jadis found his eyes held by this man's gaze.
Slowly, the man pushed off of Nigal, straightening. He began to walk forward, haltingly, as though he was afraid himself. Jadis looked like he wanted to run. He stopped about ten feet away, staring in silence. "You have...your mother's eyes," he said finally. A smile crept onto his face, and now he looked at peace. "Jadis...look how well you've grown."
"Y-your majesty?" Jadis successfully choked out.
Lyorn smiled, clearly amused. "Once king, Jadis," he corrected. "I am dead, after all." Nigal walked up, stepping past to stand and watch with Shaddoc. "Actually,'' Lyorn said with a grin. "As heir we should probably be calling you that, my son."
Jadis looked like he'd swallowed something extremely bitter. "Adon wasn't kidding," he breathed. Suddenly, he looked desperate. "B-b-but I, I...." He shook his head, stepping back. "N-no! You gotta be mistaken! I'm nothing like you! You're a hero, a legend even! I'm just-"
"A legend in the making," NIgal cut in, his whole face set as he struggled not to laugh. Jadis looked like he was going to strangle him.
Lyorn, smiling, closed the last of the distance between them and placed his hands on Jadis' shoulders. Jadis froze, then looked once more into his eyes. " really....are"
"Yes Jadis," Lyorn said solemnly. "I am your father, and you are my son." His majestic face softened. "If only Ellenia were here. I wish she could see you as well. I'm so proud."
"D-dad!" and he suddenly flung his arms around him, burying his face in his shoulder. Lyorn froze, surprised, then hugged him back. By now, however, he could not hide that he was beginning to fade away. Jadis pulled back slightly, registering this without expression. "So I find a father, only to lose him again." was all he said.
"Don't worry," Lyorn said softly, his voice a quiet echo. "I'll be near, always..." and he was gone.
Jadis stared at the spot a long time, expressionless. He raised his head slightly, facing Nigal and Shaddoc. "No...fair," he whispered. "No fair," he said louder, sounding almost like a little kid. He stumbled over and threw his arms around Nigal and Shaddoc both. "At're still here," he said softly ."Please...don't you leave me too."
Nigal, a little surprised but rallying quickly, put his arm around Jadis. "No worries," he said soothingly. "Whatever this old frame has left, its dedicated to you." He glanced at Shaddoc, then smiled. "To both of you," he amended.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:36 pm
by Koneko-chan
Callysta smiled as wide as anyone had ever seen her. "Dad!" She cried out in excitement, clutching onto Demetrius in her father's bear hug. "I missed you." She mumbled out bashfully with a small grin. Callysta could feel tears pricking, but she wiped them with her sleeve quickly.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 16, 2014 5:31 pm
by ClaecElric4God
Shaddoc watched the scene unfold as Jadis and his father were reunited. It was truly touching, and Shaddoc's heart broke for Jadis as his father faded away. Shaddoc reached out a hand, ready to comfort Jadis. But before he knew it, Jadis had an arm around him. Shaddoc stood there in shock a moment, but quickly recovered. Putting an arm around Jadis' shoulder, Shaddoc hugged him tight.
"I'm not going anywhere, Jadis," he replied quietly, no joking or sarcasm in his voice. Jadis was like a brother to Shaddoc, and he was finally starting to realize it. Shaddoc needed Jadis as much as Jadis needed him. "Not for the world."
Shaddoc smiled at Nigal's comment, but didn't look at him. Nigal was like a father to both of them, and it felt right to have him here right now. Everything felt right...

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 4:29 pm
by Oddood198
Arren watched the door for a moment when the newcomers entered, sword raised, expecting more shadows or something of the sort. When he saw the five human shapes walking in, he lowered his blade slightly and squinted to get a better look. He thought his eyes were deceiving him when he recognized most of the faces.
His fears of self-delusions were dispelled when Reveka ran forward shouting "Mom" and dragging him along. He almost dropped his sword as he began running with her, but after the trouble he went through last time he did so, he made sure to hold onto it. "Mother!" He cried after a few steps and he could find his voice again. When they were an arm's length away from their mother, Arren abandoned all his usual pride and disdain and embraced at her, in much the same manner Reveka had done to him a moment ago, while smiling and laughing like a child. "Mother, it's you! You're alive!" He exclaimed, simply relieved and overjoyed and, for once, happy to be proven wrong about something.

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 4:46 pm
by Wolfsong
OOC - you guys, I just checked when I made this thing...can you believe its been almost a year? We've been doing this for over a year! :wow!:
lol its been fun. Thanks everyone. :thumb:

Emagene looked like she could cry herself. "My son," she whispered. "My daughter, my beautiful children! Look at're all grown up now." and she held them as tightly as she could.
Jadis smiled softly. "Thank you," he whispered, the most vulnerable he'd ever been.
Suddenly, a loud rumbling filled the air as the tower shook, sending them all stumbling. The floor suddenly shifted, and the center of the room began to open up. Floor tiles cracked and fell, vanishing into a dark abyss. Neoman lunged forward, pulling Erasmus and Ethinine back as the floor beneath them gave way. Once the cracks had extended to the walls and the specially decorated tiles had fallen, the shaking stopped and the thunderous noise died away.
Jadis cautiously stepped over, peering down into the vast nothingness that seemed to go on forever. "Seems the Heart is impatient," he said wryly.
Nigal nodded. "Lets not keep him waiting then," he said.
Jadis whirled around, but before he could say a word Nigal cut him off. "Yes, we're going along, even if its to just stand and watch. We're not going to separate again, not when we've finally reunited."
"Nigal is right," Emagene said. "I'm not leaving my family again. Not for the world." Her hands rested on the twins' shoulders.
Jadis glanced around, seeing agreement in everyone else's face. He sighed, realizing he was outnumbered. However...he could still...he grinned as he turned to face Nigal, backing up till he was on the edge. "Fine, old man, but when you fall behind don't expect me to carry you."
"Old Man"?!" Nigal dove at Jadis, who quickly lept back and vanished laughing into the abyss. Nigal dove in after him.
One by one, the others went in. Shaddoc went next, followed by Erasmus and Ethinine. Neoman, Demetrius and Callysta were next, leaving Emagene, Arren, and Reveka on the edge.
They stood there a moment, then Reveka nodded firmly. "Lets get going," she said quietly.
Emagne smiled softly. "Arren...Reveka...whatever happens, I'm proud of you. You've done so well...I only wish I could have stood with you through it all."
Reveka squeezed her hand. "But you were," she said. Her mother stared at her in surprise. Reveka beamed. "I saw you in my dreams."
Emagene looked at her a long moment, then smiled softly. "I see..." She leaned over slightly and kissed her forehead. Then she turned and did the same to Arren. Then, as one, they stepped into the darkness.

OOC- Okay, due to lack of time, I'll continue this when I can. You guys can post if you want, though what you could post is beyond me... :lol: sorry, just hang tight okay?

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by Wolfsong
OOC- sorry gang, didn't mean to write or do so much, but it wouldn't stop writing...

Jadis landed first, naturally. As like last time, though there was solidity under his feet, there was nothing visible he stood on. He glanced around, realizing how empty this place seemed. He stepped forward, his eyes searching for the figure he knew was here, somewhere.
Nigal landed beside him. He straightened slowly, his eyes wide as he studied the world around him. Jadis continued to search, eyes narrowing. Nigal said something, but Jadis couldn't make it out. He sensed more than saw the others land somewhere behind him. Jadis glanced back, watching the others as they stared around them, then walked slightly apart. He straightened, raising his head.
"Adon," he called. "The time of reckoning is now."
There was no change, no sudden appearance of the dark figure. His eyes narrowed; what had he missed? Just then, he felt something like cold fingers wrapping around his heart. He shivered, eyes closing as he clung to the Light. Dread...he was so cold he almost couldn't move. He grimaced, wincing as the move set off an icy fire.
"So you're whole again."
"That I am," Jadis hissed,. "Now for heaven's sake...let go!"
After a moment, the fingers were gone, and he was slowly warming up again. he shuddered, then focused ahead. "Give up," he said. "Azarael's dead. Reveka is now able to reach you."
"And? Have you forgotten my strength?"
"Didn't we already show off ours?"
"Physically, yes, you prove strong. But tell me..." He suddenly saw Adon's face in the shadows. "How strong is your soul?" Jadis felt a sudden rush, something coming forward.
"Everyone look out!" he shouted, just as they were consumed by it.

Light, then Darkness. The universe created in an instant, then destroyed just as fast. Filled with everything, then left with an emptiness deeper than nothing. The pain came next. It was deeper than the every day pain, like when you get cut or open a blister. This pain cut directly into their souls. The death of a loved one, a harsh betrayal, these paled beside what wracked their inner souls.
It ate at everything, tearing them apart. When it ended, it left behind a vast emptiness, leaving nothing alive inside.
Then came dreadful nothingness, a state so much worse than death. Better to die, then cease to exist. And yet, here was the Darkness, the Destruction, the Evil, erasing their very being from the whole of creation.

Slowly, a dim light revealed itself, a single candle flame in the vast night. Reveka, Arren and Jadis joined hands, somehow holding everyone safely within their circle.
"So much despair," Reveka said softly. "But there's always hope. No matter how small or how weak, this hope will rise against and rebel against the nothingness you threaten us with." She smiled softly and reopened her Wings. "Therefore we will represent the opposite of what you offer. I...will represent the hope of a better tomorrow, of the freedom from slavery, and the hope of eternal life."
"Of course Pain hurts. There will always be pain, great or small. I'm no stranger to it." Arren closed his eyes. He felt a little stupid, but Reveka's claim seemed right. They did, in fact, represent their side. Reveka had taken a direct step into it, trying to counter the conflicted things the Heat of Darkness was using to break them. "But only the weak allow it to keep them from their goals. I'm not weak, not anymore. Let the pain come, I'll protect everyone I care about. I represent...the strong heart, the will to keep going, even when its hard."
"It doesn't matter what you throw at us!' Jadis declared. "I represent the fiery passion of they who live their lives to the full extent, refusing to let Evil and Emptiness like you tear us down! And with their fire I'll melt your frosty indifference!"
"We'll fight too!" Ethinine straightened, shoulders thrown back defiantly. "We represent the regular people! Even those without gifts! Because we all have the choice to be of the Light! From the scholar-" He gestured to Neoman. "-to the healer-" to Emagene. "-to the teacher-" to Nigal. "-to the loner-" to Shaddoc. "-to the warrior-" to Demetrius. "-to the parent-" he motioned to Erasmus. "-and us." He put his arm around Callysta. "To the children. We all will fight together."
They all shone, an unconquerable Light that not only pushed back at the Darkness, but in time consumed it. Jadis whooped gleefully, as the whole darkness was suddenly erased. Adon lay on the ground a short distance away, his body trembling. Jadis smiled sympathetically. Reveka stared at his form, then held our her hands. "Eae...come. Heart of Light, then end is now."
Seconds later, Eae appeared beside her. They met each other's eyes, and Eae asked, "Are you ready?"
"Huh? But isn't this your part?' Reveka asked, confused.
"It is up to you, Bearer of the Wings, to combine us. To do that, you must join with us as you joined with Azarael. There will be pain, I will not lie to you, and there is a great chance you might even die. Can you do this?"
Reveka bit her lip, then nodded softly. "Yes, I....I will try. But wait a minute." And she whirled around and hugged Arren. "Whatever happens," she whispered. "Don't forget me...okay?" Emagene reached out and hugged them both. Then, slowly, Reveka pulled away, her expression resolute. She strode over to Adon and held out her hand to Eae.
She held them both, souls purely of Light and Dark. Both she thrust into herself. Eae and Adon's physical forms shimmered and dispersed, joining into Reveka. For an instant, in Reveka was visible all four souls, Eae, Adon, Azarael and herself. But then, there was a very audible snap.
Reveka bent over backwards, shrieking in agony. Arren moved toward her, when the world suddenly shook. Adon's realm was falling apart. Reveka screamed again, then her form shimmered and disappeared. "REVEKA!" Arren howled.
Jadis dodged a falling piece Arren's arm. "Arren, we need to get out of here or we're going to die!"
"I'm not leaving without Reveka!"
Jadis' response was short and sharp. Punch to the stomach, stunning blow to the head, and Arren was out. Jadis pointed to a door on the field, an archaic arch. "Go there!" he shouted. Getting Shaddoc to help him, they carried Arren out of there. Demertus led a stunned Emagene, and Erasmus pulled Ethinine and Callysta in with him. Nigal reached it as Neoman did, but the Grand Sage paused to look back. His eyes took in the whole scene, the emptiness Adon had tried to bring collapsed in on itself. Then he saw something that made his eyes widen.
Four glowing figures stood amidst the chaos. one was a woman who held the hand of a man with a scholarly look to him. Behind them a young man with a lordly face held a young girl on his shoulder. All of them surrounded with Light, their own pure forms. He could only look with wonder.
He realized they were looking at him. The girl smiled and raised her hand. "Neoman!" she called. "Tell my brother...I'll return soon, okay?"
He smiled and waved back. "I will Reveka." He turned and exited.

When everything cleared, they were outside again. Surrounding them were the ruins of the Citadel. Jadis glanced around, then put Arren down. "Its...over," he breathed. "We've...we've finally won." he glanced at Arren, and sympathy filled him. "But at what cost..."
"No worries," Neoman said, appearing. Emagene gently coaxed Arren to wake up, her face tired. Neoman smiled gently. "I saw Reveka," he said.
Emagene raised her head. "You..."
"She said to tell you that she'd be back soon." Neoman smiled gently. "So she's okay."
Emagene looked like she would cry.
Jadis smiled faintly, then turned to Shaddoc. "Hey, wanna start home?" he asked. "I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a long rest."
"Don't get too cozy," Nigal warned. "You've got a lot of work ahead of you."
"What?" Jadis stared. "What do you mean?"
"Because when we get home, we're going to begin procedures for your coronation. The kingdom's gone far too long without."
Jadis studied him a moment, then his eyes narrowed. "Ha ha Nigal. Very funny. You know I'll never wear that fancy title." He turned and marched away, muttering about jokes in poor taste.
Nigal rubbed the back of his neck, smiling a little. "I wasn't kidding," he said softly. "Man...he's going to kill us for doing this to him."
Neoman just smiled. "He'll get used to it."
"If he doesn't kill himself to get out of it first."
Ethinine smiled at Callysta. "Are you ready to go home?" he asked.

OOC- yeah sorry gang, didn't mean to write so much, but it wouldn't stop...anyways, this is your last post, so give it everything you've got!
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by Koneko-chan
Callysta felt like her whole world had got shaken up and turned around but she could breathe and rest easy now, though a thought in the back of her mind was thinking about Reveka. Ethinine's voice suddenly shook her from her space cadet moment. She beamed at him "Yes, definitely. Though how tiring this journey was, I would go through it again; especially with you! Your powers awe-struck me." She said warmly. I don't know how it happened but she suddenly gave Etho a peck on the cheek and she smiled again.

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by Oddood198
OOC: Well, it's finally come to this, huh? Last post... All righty! I'll give it my best!

The scent of smoke filled his nostrils, and waves of heat assaulted him brutally. Arren's eyes opened, trying to take in the scene around him, but the smoke was so thick it brought tears to his eyes and forced them shut. He stood up, wiping his eyes roughly with a fist while using his other hand to feel a path out ahead of him as he walked blindly.
After a few moments, when the smoke seemed to have thinned out, he opened his eyes again, now looking around and taking in the scene. There was fire, fire everywhere, the light from it was blinding, and the heat was nearly debilitating, Arren couldn't see any landmarks or anything at all past the flames and smoke. He staggered on, moving relentlessly, aiming to somehow escape the all-consuming fire.
Seconds felt like minutes, and minutes like hours. He had no idea how long it had truly been before he collapsed from exhaustion, gasping for breath, and trying to expel the choking smoke from his lungs.
Is this it, then? He asked himself, Is it time for me to die? Here? Just burned alive? A mirthless smile came across his mouth, Heh, no fair...
Then a light appeared in front of him, small at first, but quickly growing, shining through the flames, diminishing them. As the light grew, the flames receded, and eventually died, and Arren was left alone with the light. Slowly, it began to shift, take form, and soon it took the appearance of a girl. She smiled at Arren, then began to fade away.
No, no, don't go! He cried out in his mind, but he couldn't speak past the smoke. He reached his hand out to her decreasing light, Stop, don't leave me!! But it wasn't enough. Perhaps she couldn't hear his thoughts, and even if she could, perhaps she herself didn't have the power to stop it. No, no, NO!

"REVEKA!!" Arren's eyes snapped open and he flung his arm out in front of him, trying to reach for her, but there was nothing. All he could see in front of him was the sky, and he found he was lying on his back. He felt tears streaming from his eyes, and he lowered his hand to cover them. What was that? A vision like before, or merely a dream? He couldn't tell, but the harsh reality came to him too quickly. "Reveka..." He said again, this time in a low moan.
What was the point? After all that, the journey, the fighting, and their victory over the Darkness, Reveka was gone. Dead. What was the point of any of it if she had to sacrifice herself? Arren sobbed openly as this question filled his mind. Light had won, the Darkness was beaten, everyone had come out alive, even Emagene, whom he had given up for dead long ago. But the price was Reveka. It wasn't worth it.
He cried and cried, for how long, he didn't know, but he didn't stop until he had shed every tear he had and his throat felt raw from it. If anyone made any effort to comfort him or speak to him, he didn't hear or comprehend their attempts, he didn't want to hear anything but his sister's voice.
Finally, he rose to his knees, his arms crossed over his body that was still being racked with sobs. With what felt like all the weight of the the world pulling down on him, he finally managed to make it back to his feet. He looked down at his hand, trembling and shaking, it looked so weak. Hand... Yes, that was right.
He wasn't comprehending anyone or anything around him, he couldn't hear sounds if there were any, he didn't see anyone nearby, if there even was anyone. With his hand still trembling, he took hold of the hilt of his sword, drawing it from it's sheath, accompanied by the rasp of metal on metal. He pointed the tip of his sword at the ground, and started making slow, careful movements dragging it through the dirt. After a few minutes of extremely painstaking work, he stepped back and looked at the ground. In the dirt, there was writing, a message to anyone who would read it.

"She's dead. I'll have to accept that, sooner or later. But another thing that's also obvious is that, without her, there's nowhere I belong. Except one place. I'm leaving, forever, don't look for me, because you will never find me. I'm going to live and die on the battlefield, as is now my duty. If there's any Darkness left in the world, I'll hunt it down and destroy it, until the day I die I'll work toward that goal. And when I die, maybe, just maybe, I'll see her again. So I better hurry up and die.

Signed, Arren Kirena, Hand of Light."

When he had made sure it was in order, Arren looked up and away, toward the horizon. He didn't know where to start, just anywhere would do, he supposed. He started walking, and his walk turned to a run, and his run to a sprint. He began to glow with light, and it formed his Wings, and still retained a strong aura about him. He sprinted fast, faster than he thought he possibly could, the wind stung his eyes and heard it rushing through his ears whenever he passed by an object. He would spend the rest of his days like this, running, always running, looking for Darkness. He would fight, and eventually die, and one day see his sister again. Was there still Darkness left, after all that? He didn't know, maybe they had destroyed it all, but maybe there was still some left, lingering, hiding, and if there was, he would find it. What was it he had said, back when they were confronting Adon? He would represent the strong heart, and the will to keep going, even when it's hard. And he would, he would keep going, on and on until death took him. He would never stop running, never stop fighting.
Reveka, Reveka... He repeated in his mind while he kept his eyes affixed ahead of him. He could already feel tears welling up in his eyes again, starting to overflow.
He didn't suppose he'd ever stop crying, either.

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by ClaecElric4God
"Hey, wanna start home? I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a long rest."
Shaddoc opened his mouth to reply that he was most definitely ready to head home and sleep for about three weeks (on pain of death to anyone who dared wake him), when Nigal cut him off, talking about Jadis' coronation. He started in surprise, then recomposed himself. Of course, ever since he'd heard that Jadis was the king's son, it had been a given that this would happen sooner or later. But Shaddoc hadn't really thought about it, and no matter what, he would probably never be able to see Jadis as anything other than his cocky self, let alone king of a country. Shaddoc already felt bad for anyone who would have the misfortune of working under Jadis in the future.
Shaddoc smirked at Jadis' predictable reaction. He was ready to go after him when he heard Nigal and Neoman talking. Shaddoc turned to Nigal and met his gaze, touching him on the shoulder. Suddenly, he found it easy to share everything on his mind. Funny, conversation had been coming a lot easier lately.
"Even as king, you still have to let him be Jadis, you know." Then he smiled and added lightly, "And don't worry, I won't let Jadis think of doing anything as ridiculous as wasting the life you and I worked so hard to protect; but don't expect me to drag him anywhere in a sack anymore, either. After all, Jadis will need some sort of ally against all you old geezers when it comes to official matters, and I'm sure I'll be the only one willing to do it. So there you have it; you can expect a world of opposition from Jadis and me!"
Shaddoc was only half kidding. He knew kingship would be a heavy burden, especially for someone who wasn't raised in preparation for it. Jadis would struggle and falter, and he'd need someone there to stand by him and support him in the hard times. And Shaddoc was determined to be that person. And every once in awhile, Jadis would have to get away from being king and go do something hare-brained and dangerous. Shaddoc would make sure no one stopped him when he did.
Shaddoc turned and jogged after Jadis, memories flooding over him as he went. He remembered the day years ago he'd met a younger version of Jadis, when Jadis and Nigal had found Shaddoc lying in the woods, starving to death and without a single memory. Nigal had taken him in and supported him, and the pair had replaced the family that Shaddoc never remembered. Even after Shaddoc had become independent and moved out into the world on his own, they'd still always been there for him, ready to help him. And that meant more to Shaddoc than he could ever put into words. Though he'd always kept to himself, there was nowhere he'd rather be than with the only two people in the world he'd ever gotten close to.
When he caught up with Jadis, Shaddoc threw an arm around his shoulder, his momentum almost knocking Jadis over. Shaddoc was in one of his rare moods. The realization that they were finally done fighting, and Jadis and Nigal were safe, was sinking in. And the relief that came with that filled Shaddoc with a light happiness that didn't usually make it past his reserved personality. He grinned widely at Jadis, then stepped away, giving Jadis his space.
"Sorry, I don't know what came over me," he said calmly. Then his expression changed to a serious but kind one. Shaddoc knelt in the grass, one fist planted firmly against the soil as he stared at the ground. "Whatever the future may hold, let me be at your right hand. I swear my loyalty to you and none other, come what may. My bow, my strength, my service, and my honor, are yours. My king."
Before Jadis could protest, Shaddoc stood up quickly. His gaze met Jadis' and he smiled. Shaddoc reached out his arm.
"And from the part of me that will never acknowledge your social standing: I want you to know I'm always here for you, and I hope we can keep working together. I'll always be at your side when you need me. We're comrades, after all."
What a crazy few days, Shaddoc thought to himself. Nothing has prepared me for anything like this.
But Shaddoc wouldn't change anything for the world. Life had more meaning now than it ever had.

OOC: Well, that felt abrupt and weird. But it's there. Also, I hope it's okay that I like...created background there, Wolf. If not, I give you permission to come to my house and poison my food.

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by Wolfsong
OOC- Well, we've finally made it. I'm feeling all foolish and sentimental now. A little relieved too, actually. Being a GM is harder than one may think.
I couldn't decide for the longest time how I wanted to end this. At first, I was going to jump a couple weeks, tell the tale of how Jadis' attempt to escape on the day of his coronation failed and everyone except him lived happily ever after, but it just didn't seem to work. I finally realized that it was because one does not recover from soul implosion in a few measly weeks. But then, how long should it take? And what factors did Arren's running off have to do with it? I spent days agonizing over it, and this is the result of my mental pain. Though if anyone is interested in seeing how Jadis's agony took place, I could post a bonus ending. If anyone's interested. I may do it anyway, just for the heck of it.
So I must thank you all for taking so long, so I could solve my big how unusual is that?
Wow this was a long OOC. You must be bored to tears. Here's the final draft. Hope you like it!

2 Years Later...
The kingdom is prosperous. The reluctant king had come to fill his role beautifully, and the country flourishes. Villages have been rebuilt and repopulated. Places like Gol'lath have been torn down, and fresh new places built in their stead. All is at peace.
Well, for the most part.
Occasionally, there are robbers in the forests, and a few of the Dark creatures may show themselves. Instantly the Band will go out, but always they are too late. The Angel had already destroyed them.
The Angel. The people speak of him in whispers of awe. Dressed in white, with brilliant aura and resplendent wings, a sword arm like no other and a face that sends even Darkspawn running howling. Where the shadows appear, so does he, sending them back to the black abyss, and disappearing as suddenly as he came.
Nigal would say nothing, nor try to trace this Angel, but just return home to tell Emagene of the news. The White Priestess, visibly aged from her worries and cares, takes comfort that her son is at least well. Life continues as it has, till one day, on the eve of the second anniversary of the Darkness' defeat...

Jadis stared at himself in the mirror expressionlessly. His face had lost its youthfulness, but he still had the energy that boiled under the calm smooth surface. Now he wore the finery he had despised, was expected to wear constantly. He had eventually accustomed to it, but he never learned to like it, as so many claimed. He smiled, just a little. "So hard to believe its been two years..."
"You mean almost two years." Jadis turned as Shaddoc stepped in. "It'll be tomorrow that its two."
Jadis smiled warmly. Shaddoc looked a little older, but that was the extent of the toll time collected. The two of them had remained close, though it irked Jadis sometimes that Shaddoc could come to the castle and somehow escape being dressed up like a peacock. Then again, it was a relief too. "So you ready for tomorrow?" he asked.
"Ready for tomorrow, no. Ready to collapse where I stand, yes." He walked into the room and fell back onto the bed, looking completely at ease. "I don't know why Nigal sends the Band out anymore. Arren does all the work anyway..." He paused, felt at the bed, then said, "You know, this thing is way too darn soft..."
"Tell me about it. I have to sleep in it, Dolt. The one time I finally couldn't take it anymore and tried sleeping on the floor...well, next morning, when the maid came in and saw me on the floor, she had hysterics because she thought I was hurt."
Shaddoc chuckled. "I think I remember that." He rolled over slightly, the groaned tragically. "You and I, we're not made for this sort of life."
"I seem to recall you were one of the ones who forced me into it." Jadis walked over and rapped Shaddoc's forehead. "Too late to have seconds thoughts."
"That was fun," Shaddoc said unrepentantly. Jadis instantly fell on him, and in short notice the two were wrestling on the floor.
"Your majesty?" a voice called from outside in the corridor. Jadis, focused on getting Shaddoc pinned, dismissed it. "Jadis?" the voice repeated, outside the door now. "Are you in here?" Someone opened the door. "Jadis, I...oh!"
Jadis paused, then looked up guiltily. Then he saw who it was and leapt up eagerly. "Ethinine!" he said, pumping the Grand Sage's apprentice's hand. "You're here! Where's everyone else?"
"Getting settled," he replied. "So I came ahead." He glanced at Shaddoc, who was getting up. "I'm sorry if I interrupted anything."
"Oh, nothing we can't continue later," Jadis said, smiling back at Shaddoc. "So how is everyone?"
"Doing well. Emagene seems to be recovering, but she still won't smile. Neoman is well, as are the rest of the Guardians of Light. Callysta is...wonderful." His face flushed just a little.
Jadis grinned. "And how are you and Callysta?" he asked.
Ethinine shuffled his feet slightly, then reluctantly mumbled, "I was going to ask her tomorrow."
Jadis smiled. "Congrats and good luck. I see tomorrow will hold more entertainment than I thought."
"Jadis!" Ethinine protested, his face burning.

It was a dark night. But he had grown accustomed to them long ago. The aching loneliness remained, though. His legs had stopped hurting, though that was most likely because they had gone numb. It didn't matter anymore. Nothing matter. Except the embrace of death, he might find peace there. But for now, he had to sleep.
Sleep was painful. Sleep always came with the same dream.
Then a light appeared in front of him, small at first, but quickly growing, shining through the flames, diminishing them. As the light grew, the flames receded, and eventually died, and Arren was left alone with the light. Slowly, it began to shift, take form, and soon it took the appearance of a girl. She smiled at Arren, then began to fade away.
No, no, don't go! He cried out in his mind, but he couldn't speak past the smoke. He reached his hand out to her decreasing light, Stop, don't leave me!! But it wasn't enough. Perhaps she couldn't hear his thoughts, and even if she could, perhaps she herself didn't have the power to stop it. No, no, NO!
"Arren! Arren!"
A voice calls out, the voice he knew so well.
"The North Tower Arren. Look for me in the North Tower!"

The Next Day...

Jadis suffered through the proceedings, though at least only his close friends could tell. The ceremony of welcoming the Heroes of Light, as the people had lovingly dubbed them. That made things interesting, since Jadis was one of them and the king, and Jadis would often snicker as he remembered the officials trying to get around that one. Eventually, they had decided to just do his separately, specially because he was the king after all, despite his protests. So he got even with them by disappearing and then coming riding in with everyone his old clothes, adding insult to injury. The other heroes appeared to be struggling to keep straight faces, Jadis just beamed so innocently, and Shaddoc had the here-we-go-again look on his face again. Despite their annoyance, the officials rallied and went through the ceremonies as was the custom of the day, though Jadis received a lot of dirty looks. As a peace offering, he opened up the banquet as king, and things settled after that.
Seating had been interesting too, for a while. It had taken all of his efforts to get a table just for himself and his companions without the fawning nobles or crafty officials. One of his arguments had been that the heroes, separated so long, needed some time to be with each other. What many people didn't know was that most of them actually still lived together, in Neoman's mountain home. Neoman and Ethinine traveled a lot, as did Erasmus on his own quests, but the others not so much, so the lie held. Jadis hoped it would hold till it was trapped in tradition.
All through the meal,a s they caught up with each other, Jadis noticed Ethinine glancing at Callysta and fingering something hidden in the folds of his robe. He smiled knowingly, wondering when Ethinine would make his move. He expected it would be during the Ceremony of Lights, since it was easy to slip off in the night-cast shadows...even if Neoman and Erasmus' show chased most of them away. He was looking forward to it.
Demetrius still had the look-don't-touch aura, but the talk-to-me-you-die one had died down a little. Heck, he was smiling just a little at a comment Nigal had made. Yeah, obviously, the grim swordsman had mellowed out a but. Jadis' private opinion was that Callysta had something to do with it. That girl could work a smile out of a stone.
Erasmus and Neoman were engaged in another discussion, something to do with history. Emagene joined in every now and then. Callysta and Ethinine were together, discussing ordinary things, and it was obvious to anyone looking that Ethinine was nervous. Nigal, Shaddoc and Jadis joined in with whatever part of the discussion suited them, and Jadis felt happy to see them all again.
Something blinked overhead, and he glanced up. A little light hung suspended from the ceiling, held by no string or material means. It winked like a little star, then faded.
Jadis stared a moment, trying to decide what it was, when something in the conversation drew his attention.

"They all look well."
"Except for Emagene, but then, one could understand. The poor mother."
"I note Arren is absent again."
"Are we ever going to get out of here?"
"Why did I help you get your body back?"
"Because you kept getting confused by who was who."
"Well, when you stop talking you all look the same..."
"Do you think he's killed himself yet?"
"No, we would have felt it by now. Besides, he should be on his way now."
"Huh? What makes you so sure?"
"I just am."
"You know, he really is dense. If he'd just come around earlier, his pain and ours would have ended a long time ago."
"I know, but...I love him for it. He wouldn't be Arren otherwise."

"Ready for this?" Erasmus asked, smiling at the crowd. He and Neoman stood facing each other, both smiling. Erasmus held up his hands, and flames filled them. Light filled Neoman's palms, then they took the other's hand. The magics blurred a moment, then they flung it into the air. It shot straight up, then exploded in a series of beautiful sparks.
Jadis joined the exclamations of awe from the crowd, for the lights were even better than last year. Neoman and Erasmus had even figured out how to make shapes with the light sparks.
Something told him to turn. A shadow on the wall moved, then disappeared. Jadis waited a moment, then slipped off.

Arren was distracted momentarily by the glorious lights, but quickly refocused on his path. The corridors of this place were completely unfamiliar to him, but everyone was distracted by the lights, so he was able to move without discovery. He kept glancing out the windows, but there were several towers, so it was difficult to discern which was the North.
Then one window revealed a tower directly in the back, a little taller than all the others. He figured he'd start there, soon as anywhere. He climbed out the window, jumping into the courtyard, and ran for the tower. The door was unlocked; he flung it open and bolted up the stairs. However, at the top, there was nothing. Just an empty room and a shattered wall. Arren sighed glumly.
"Yeah, we never did get this place fixed," Jadis said, entering behind him. Arren spun around as Jadis walked up behind him. "Ddi you really think I'd miss you? We're connected, remember?" He shrugged. "Anyway, been a while, Mr. Angel."
"Is this the North Tower?" Arren asked.
Jadis studied him, then turned serious and nodded. "Yes, but...this isn't the only room. Come, if you don't mind heights, I'll show you the other." and he started toward the window. However, as he tried to step out, the fancy cuff of the sleeve caught on the stone. he sighed, then tore off whole strips till it resembled his older clothes. "And off we go," he said, climbing out the window.
"All dressed up now, aren't we?" Arren remarked with his old sarcasm.
"Yeah, I am the king. I'm supposed to dress the part." and he began the laborious climb up. With much of the masonry collapsed, it was rather precarious, and Jadis make a mental note to have it repaired. Arren's wings gave him an edge, especially in the safety factor, but Jadis was a natural. He found the safest spots with ease, soon arriving at the little hole leading into the North Tower's hidden chamber. He glanced down to check on Arren, then peered through the hole. His eyes widened quite considerably.
"Oh. My. Gosh," he said.
"What? What is it?" Arren shouted, sounding almost frantic.
Jadis shook his head incredulously. "You're not gonna believe this, but...this room is just filled with Light." He reached down, offering Arren his hand, and pulled him up the last few inches. Arren quickly took stock of what he saw. The room was, indeed, swamped in light, and in that was visible a figure, one he knew well. Hardly daring to hope, he slid in headfirst and got knocked on the chin. Jadis wisely went feet first, staring in amazement. "What in the world?" he breathed.
Arren went straight to the figure of the girl, unable to tear his eyes away. "Is it really you?" he breathed.
He started slightly.
"Set me free, Hand of Light. Bring me to life again..."
Without hesitation he reached out his hand. Light began pouring from him, brighter than the glow around them. A ripple seemed to move through the girl, and she seemed closer. And yet, though he could now see the barrier between them, he couldn't push through. He wasn't strong enough!
He looked almost like he could cry again. Then suddenly, a hand rested on his. Jadis nodded at him. "We're both Hands of Light," he said, all serious. "If we work together..."
Arren nodded his thanks and focused. Theirs powers focused and blended together, moving through the both of them into the strange barrier between them and the soul beyond. They struck against it time and again, together tearing it down. Till suddenly it exploded in a flash of color and light, and there was suddenly someone in Arren's arms, clinging and weeping. He was in rather the same state himself. "Reveka," he cried, holding her tight, as though afraid she'd disappear again if he let go.
"Arren," she said. She was her normal height again, the comfortable held-under-your-arm height, and her voice was the same as the one he heard always in his head. The familiarity was comforting as well, and he felt he could never let her go.
Jadis smiled warmly, then paused when he realized there were others in the room. Three figures hung back in the glow, watching. "You all....are still here?"
"We are the Hearts," Eae said softly. "Though we both pump only Light now."
"The influence of the Dark is gone," Adon continued. "We now form the protection of Light, to forever hold the Dark at bay."
"At least, until someone finds way to let it in again. People never do change really, do they?"
Jadis closed his eyes, rubbing his forehead. "Maybe so," he replied to Azarael's sardonic remark. "But I'll see to it that never happens any time soon." He glanced at Reveka and Arren, smiling. "We'll make sure."
"The peace of the Light keep you," Eae whispered. Their figures dissolved once more to Light, which flowed into Reveka till the room was emptied of it. Jadis smiled faintly, watching the two cling to each other. "Come on," he said finally. "Everyone's celebrating outside. I'm sure your mother's waiting for you."
"Mom...?" Reveka pulled back just a little. "Arren, can I see Mother now?"
"Reveka, if you wanted the moon, I'd get it for you," he replied. "Of course. Lets go see Mom." and, that said, he leapt out the hole and glided to earth.
Jadis went a little more leasurely, climbing out the hole, then scaling the rest of the tower. From here, he could see the whole of the courtyard clearly, as Arren ran toward the group, dragging Reveka behind him. He watched as surprise at Arren's appearance changed to shock and ecstacy over Reveka's. Emagene ran to them and embraced them weeping, as the stress of the years finally ebbed away.
"Room for one more?"
"You missed quite the show," Jadis said as Shaddoc sat next to him.
"Yes, but I didn't know them that well. This is their family's time anyway."
Jadis nodded softly. He noticed the others seemed to realize that too. Neoman and Erasmus began to move away while Demetrius and Nigal hustled the crowd away. Ethinine took a deep breath, then took Callysta's hand and led her away to a different part of the garden. Jadis smiled cockily, mentally hoping the best for them. "You know what Shaddoc?" he remarked, leaning back till he lay flat on the roof with his hands tucked behind his head. "This has been one of the best days ever."
Shaddoc smiled faintly. "Its a good one, isn't it?"
Jadis smiled, totally and completely relaxed. "Its good to just be alive."


I dedicate this story, crazy and hastily written as it is, to you, my friends. I couldn't have done it without you.
Ally, Syphon, I missed you guys. I wish you could have finished with us.
Koneko, to this day, Callysta remains one of the sweetest characters I know. Thank you for hiving me the chance to meet her.
Odd, Arren both frustrated and made me laugh till I fell off the chair, especially the encounter with the sheep! Thank you so much for having the patience to finish another rpg with me.
Claec, I love Shaddoc. He made the perfet partner for Jadis. Thank you ever so much.
This was fun guys. I look forward to rping with you again!