Wondering about the Korean comic Priest...

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Wondering about the Korean comic Priest...

Postby ranma8 » Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:25 pm

I have this really odd story. Today, I was at Borders and was buying lots of manga and other novels since they were having a huge sale. When I was looking at the manga section, this girl came up to me and started talking to me about manga. (she was kind of weird...) After I said that I "liked all kinds of manga" (I was getting a shoujo manga...) she handed me a bag and said "Well, then have this. It's Priest." At first I thought she was some weird person that was trying to get me into her religion. But when I looked in the bag (I was scared there would be a bomb or something XD), I saw saw three comics. "Oh, yeah," I thought. "That freaky manhua Priest... Odd..." Why this girl gave me these, I don't know... When I got home, I checked the bag more thoroughly and saw a print-out for an "Emily the Weird" novel. (some gothic franchise that I vaguely know about)

So this is the reason for my thread:

Has anyone actually read Priest? While I'm usually not a prude when it comes to content, Priest looks a little, well, demonic... It looks like something a satanist would read from what I've seen from the pages I flipped through. I'm kind of freaked out why someone would give this to me randomly... I'll probably read it out of curiosity when I get more time just to see what it is, but does anyone know anything about it?
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Postby uc pseudonym » Tue Jun 16, 2009 12:38 pm

For future reference, it's best to ask about series in this thread:

Priest uses JudeoChristian imagery but is not making any particular religious statement. It has its fair share of demons, crosses, and your usual evil rituals. From what I remember it does use some religious tradition (going a bit deeper than just pasting Christian labels on some generic storyline). Still, it is at heart only a fantasy story.

If I recall, the series has a minor following due to its style (similar to Hellsing's fanbase), which is probably why it was given to you. I wouldn't be concerned about it, though it's your choice if you want to read it due to relatively high violent content.
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