Gamecast - Episode 3 - “Fishing for news and ideasâ€Â

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Gamecast - Episode 3 - “Fishing for news and ideasâ€

Postby Link Antilles » Sat Jul 01, 2006 8:04 pm

In this show, we talk about the steady stream of summer news trickling in and finish our Christian Game discussion with our ideas of what would make for a good Christian game.


Gamecast 3 -34mb

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Postby rocklobster » Mon Jul 03, 2006 10:13 am

Why can't you put magic in a Christian game? I mean, Narnia and LOTR had magic in them, and they are still considered Christian.
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Postby Myoti » Mon Jul 03, 2006 10:15 am

Nice job, guys (once again).

Well, there goes my respect for Kojima. :/

I go with Nate on the "Dynasty Warrior" style games. I've often thought about doing one on Joshua (my plan begins things directly after the fall of Jericho's walls, then takes on the other battles).

Need good voice acting? Maybe Vic McCogna(sp?) could help? =D

I'm also liking Link's idea. There really is alot of potential for something like that.

Awesome ending music. What's it from? o.o
I might go through the whole show again just to hear it. XD

Why can't you put magic in a Christian game? I mean, Narnia and LOTR had magic in them, and they are still considered Christian.

I see that as well, but there are some issues with having it in, like how does work with the effect of the game (God's existence, "miracles," etc.)?

Personally, I avoid magic in most of my RPG plans (even the secular ones) NOT because I find it "offensive," but because to me it feels like the whole concept of it being "overdone." I mean, sure, you can have one with magic, but it make it more interesting and well developed (if I hear of another game involving "mana," I swear... >_< ).
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Postby kaji » Mon Jul 03, 2006 11:06 am

Good job guys (and the sounds was a lot better then the CAA broadcast). ;)

I was also thinking along the same lines as Nate as far as a Christian game goes. Though I did also think Omegas had considerable merrit (though would require considerable creative writing). I liked LA's general idea, but it seamed like there would be a lot more that could go wrong with the model or become overly controversial.

The idea that I have been mulling over would be sort of like Nates, but with a bit more story involved.

I would pick the life of King David as the story, though you play as a no-name character who exists at the same time as David and watches the events of His life unfold next to him. In this sense the player wouldnt nessisarily be able to rewrite the actual story told in the Bible, but would be the players eyes into that world.

Sort of the Medal of Honor way of progression, but not an FPS. Where you storm the beaches of Normandy, but your indevidual sucess cannot change the story so much as it simply determines whether you can move on or must repeat the event.

Lets say the main character starts as a soldier in Sauls army facing the Philistenes, and witnesses Davids defeat of Goliath and follows David as one of his Men of Valor from then on. Through the wars David is sent to fight for Saul, to Davids time in hidding, and even to Davids assention to the thrown.

At each arch you see the story played out in front of you, but the majority of your active roles are like those of Dynasty Warriors where you fight through the battles Gaining new warrior skills. Ofcoures the battles them selves would be more interesting with objectives (such as protect David or Defeat the Gate Garrison) to progress through rather then simply hacking and slashing continually.

I think it might also be worth the effort to give the player some interaction into the story. That is, not to change it, but by giving correct answeres at the correct times, would warrent bonuses in weapons/armor or strength. Either as rewards or skills earned.

These questions wouldnt be of the Bible quiz nature, but more along the lines of giving apropriate sugestions as events unfold. For example, while David is hidding from Saul in the rocks and is given the opertunity to Kill Saul. Do you sugest that David Kill him, or not? Either way you choose the story still progresses with the same result, but you may gain rewards for finding favor in Davids or Gods eyes based on your judgements/wisdom.

Anyway, this is still a rough idea. But I thought I would share it anyway.

Like I said, nice job guys. I look forward to some game reviews/ recomendations in the future.

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Postby Nate » Tue Jul 04, 2006 4:41 am

rocklobster wrote:Why can't you put magic in a Christian game? I mean, Narnia and LOTR had magic in them, and they are still considered Christian.

Because many Christians feel convicted by the presence of magic in anything, even fantasy magic. They believe since the bible condemns sorcerers, conjurers, and practicers of magic, that it is not good to watch any show or play any game that portrays wizards or magic users in a positive light.

For the record, there are many Christians who do condemn LOTR and Narnia for having magic in them. Am I one of them? Hardly. However, we should not call them names, or look down on them for their personal convictions about magic, because that is wrong.

That is why a good Christian game should not use magic. Or at the very least, any magic users would have to be a bad guy, because a magic user portrayed in a positive light would be just as bad as a homosexual being portrayed in a positive light to some.

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Postby Myoti » Tue Jul 04, 2006 6:05 pm

Quick thought:

What of "necessary evil?" Say you had some sort of set-up where a character had to use some kind "magic" to accomplish his goals, yet knew what it cost him.

Example, the Exospheres in Tales of Symphonia:
They were basically made from human beings (think Philosopher's Stone in FMA), but the characters would be nothing without the Exospheres. So, they continued to have to use them in order to stop the villains and end the production of the same things they were using.

Think any of those people you speak of could go with something along those lines? :/
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Postby mastersquirrel » Thu Jul 06, 2006 7:56 am

And yet again I fail to arrive in time for the recording. In fact, I didn't even realize that they'd done the recording until this Tuesday. :sweat: That's what I get for not checking CAA all weekend.
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