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The Quest to Find Blueentity

PostPosted: Thu Oct 30, 2008 9:19 pm
by Purplefire
W00t, I figured I should make a thread about my webcomic, The Quest to Find Blueentity.

The comic started out as a gag story and idea and then it simply took off. I appologize up front for the horrible artwork at the beginning of the comic, but it will get better, I promise you! I'm still learning how to do this whole thing, so I hope to improve my craft as time goes on.

Target age: Any. Really, I mean it. I'd let my 8 - 10 year old nieces and nephews read this.


Violence: 3
Comic violence, no blood (not yet at least, I haven't fully decided on that point), off screen fighting occurs,

Language: 0
No swearing. I promise.

Sexual Content: 2
Three of the main characters are married, a kiss is shared between two of the mains, but that is as far as any thing goes.

Nudity (or skimpy outfits): 0
One of my promises is to never put anyone in a skimpy outfit.

Bad Religion: 3
There is magic involved in the comic such as teleportation, fireballs, magic ropes, flying water cans, etc.

The story centers around the Mosaic family who have lost one of their members, Blueentity, and their journey to go find him.

QFB updates every Wednesday and Friday.

Comments are most welcome.