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Record of Lodoss War Retcon?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 12:03 pm
by josh_manga
I looked for the character Shiris in the the forum search and turned up nothing, so here we go!

I remember a few years back watching all of RoLW. And according to my (faulty) memory, i was surprised to see Shiris in a couple episodes! (i saw episodes of Chronicles of the Heroic Knight first, then the original.)

After seeing that Shiris had already met Parn and company, then going and watching the first couple episodes of CotHK, it's like they completely rewrote Shiris' character, gave her amnesia, and ignored what she had accomplished.

Is my brain playing tricks on me, or did they really retcon this? Anyone know why they ignored Ashram's death too?

I'm having trouble finding episodes to check to confirm or deny my memory. Perhaps i should break down and buy the series, but i'm not a "fan" of the fanservice i distinctly remember in the last episode. Strange that a series would make it through the entire run innocently, then spring something like that on the audience. Honestly i'm more used to it in the opening episode, then nothing after that.