Favorite Anime Quotes

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Favorite Anime Quotes

Postby Lilac#18 » Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:01 pm

What are your favorite anime quotes? Here are some of mine.

Hinata: "I used to always cry and give up… I made many wrong turns… But you… You helped me find the right path… I always chased after you… I wanted to catch up to you… I wanted to walk beside you all the time… I just wanted to be with you… You changed me! Your smile is what saved me! That is why I'm not afraid to die protecting you! Because… I love you…" - Naruto Shippuden

Naruto: "I'm not gonna run away, I never go back on my word! That's my nindō: my ninja way!" - Naruto

Usagi: "I will never be a tragic princess ever again." - Sailor Moon Crystal

That's all I have for now. So, I'll put more of mine later.
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"Apparently, it takes more than just the sword." - Mirai (Future) Trunks

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Re: Favorite Anime Quotes

Postby artisticDreamer » Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:19 pm

"There's no such thing as no such thing." - Greed, Fullmetal Achemish: Brotherhood
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Re: Favorite Anime Quotes

Postby the_wolfs_howl » Fri Feb 27, 2015 3:34 pm

Collecting quotes is one of my hobbies, so I kind of have a lot :D

Even in pain, you can sleep. But if you inflict pain, you can never sleep.
- Scar's Master, Full Metal Alchemist (fansub)

Our names are given to us by God. However, because I have turned against God, I no longer have a name.
- Scar, Full Metal Alchemist (fansub)

Killing people is simple. All you have to do is forget the taste of sugar.
- Mr. Rosso, Monster(scanlation)

You can die at any time. Living on is what really takes courage.
- Kenshin Himura, Rurouni Kenshin (fansub)

If one or two battles could provide us with the truth nobody would make any mistakes in their lives. A person's life is not that easy, that it is not. The true answer you must learn for yourself.
- Kenshin Himura, Rurouni Kenshin (fansub)

I'm called many names - "human weapon," "monster"...but it's only when I'm fighting a real monster...that I feel truly human.
- Roy Mustang, Full Metal Alchemist (manga)

There are many types of monsters in this world: Monsters who will not show themselves or who cause trouble, monsters who abduct children, monsters who devour dreams, monsters who suck blood...and monsters who always tell lies. Lying monsters are a real nuisance. They are much more cunning than other monsters. They pose as humans, even though they have no understanding of the human heart. They eat, even though they've never experienced hunger. They study, even though they have no interest in academics. They seek friendship, even though they do not know how to love. If I were to encounter such a monster, I would likely be eaten by it, because in truth...I am that monster.
- L, Death Note (English dub)

When you have fun, have fun. When you're upset, be upset. And when you wanna cry, cry. Besides, you'll feel better after you cry. Then you can laugh again. It's better to laugh when you feel like it than to laugh when you're keeping the pain to yourself.
- Rosette Christopher, Chrno Crusade (scanlation)

There are no qualifications to being human.
— Book Man, Princess Tutu

Emptiness of the heart can only be filled by another heart.
— Iori, Magical Meow Meow Taruto

The existence of all females is my greatest joy.
- Nokoru, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (scanlation)

Waiting for that guy to take the initiative is like going fishing in a swimming pool.
- Nobuko Ishihara, Lovely Complex (fansub)

Your feelings are so strong, you're almost dazzling.
- Lavi, D.Gray-Man (scanlation)

Worry not, for I am awesome.
- Bak, D.Gray-Man (scanlation)

This world is so dark, and it's so hard to breathe. But in this instant, when I laughed along with you, I felt that breathing just got a little easier.
- Yuu Kanda, D.Gray-Man (scanlation)

Anyone who doesn't stake their life on living is not qualified to control another's life or death.
- Kurogane, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (scanlation)
You can find out things about the past that you never knew. And from what you've learned, you may see some things differently in the present. You're the one that changes. Not the past.
- Ellone, Final Fantasy VIII


"There's a difference between maliciously offending somebody - on purpose - and somebody being offended by...truth. If you're offended by the truth, that's your problem. I have no obligation to not offend you if I'm speaking the truth. The truth is supposed to offend you; that's how you know you don't got it."
- Brad Stine
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Re: Favorite Anime Quotes

Postby Thunderscream872 » Fri Feb 27, 2015 4:09 pm

In no particular order:

"I'm so disappointed, Ichigo, so very disappointed. Sadly, your sword exhibits only fear. When you counter, it's because you fear being killed. When you attack, you fear killing. And when you protect someone, you fear you could let them die. At this point, the only thing your sword speaks is senseless fright, and that's not good. What you don't need in battle is fear. Nothing will come of it. When you counter, you don't let them cut you. When you protect someone, you don't let them die. And when you attack, you kill." - Urahara Kisuke (Bleach)

"This crater will be your grave." - Scourge (Transformers: Robots in Disguise)

"The time for speeches is over, Galvatron. Let's end our quarrel right here and right now. Don't act surprised. This is exactly what you wanted. And I fight you not as the leader of the Autobots, but as the leader of all Transformers!" - Optimus Prime (Transformers: Armada)

“I don’t take orders from anybody. If there’s something I wanna do, I do it. If there’s something I don’t wanna do, I don’t do it. That’s the dandy way to live, and I’m Dandy. Do you get it?” - Dandy (Space Dandy)

And every utterance of awesomeness from Kamina in Gurren Lagann.

I know there's more, but those are the ones that stand out right now.

“I don’t take orders from anybody. If there’s something I wanna do, I do it. If there’s something I don’t wanna do, I don’t do it. That’s the dandy way to live, and I’m Dandy. Do you get it?” - Space Dandy

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Re: Favorite Anime Quotes

Postby Nocturnalux » Sun Mar 01, 2015 2:44 pm

There's no one who can live their whole life being completely uncorrupted.
-Orihara Izaya, Durarara!!

Oh, and just because I like humans, it doesn't mean that I like you personally.
-Orihara Izaya, Durarara!!

Dying means to be gone. And what goes, is not your pain, but your existence itself. But in your mind, you think that you’d have a sense of “nothing” after you die. How can you call that “nothing”? In other words, you don't even have an idea of what death is really like.
-Orihara Izaya, Durarara!!

People who can’t throw something important away, can never hope to change anything
-Armin Arlet, Shingeki no Kyojin

Are You There?
-virtually everyone in Fafner

The water is alive. Once you dive in, it will immediately bare its fangs and attack. But, there's nothing to fear. Don't resist the water. Thrust your fingers into the surface and carve an opening. Then you slide your body through that opening. Moving your arms, your head, your chest...
-Nanase Haruka, Free!

It is my perception that a true friend never relies on another’s dream. A person with the potential to be my true friend must be able to find his reason for life without my help. And, he would have to put his heart and soul into protecting his dream. He would never hesitate to fight for his dream, even against me. For me, a true friend is one who stands equal on those terms.
-Griffith, Berserk

If you’re not remembered, then you never existed.
-Iwakura Lain, Serial Experiments Lain
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Re: Favorite Anime Quotes

Postby PLCDreamcatcher14 » Mon Mar 02, 2015 10:16 am

*rubs hands together* alright...

"Hey, Zero when you abandoned to the darkness it's so freezing cold that you may not feel anything. But if it were to melt, it'll start hurting. Even so... Even so, I believe that someday, we will be able to get out of this dark forest and the day where we warm our frozen bodies under the sun will come." Yuki Cross, Vampire Knight Manga Scanlation

"My mom told me, it's better to trust people than to doubt them. She said that people aren't born with kind hearts. When we're born, all we have are desires for food and material things. Selfish instincts, I guess. But she said that kindness is something that grows inside of each person's body, but it's up to us to nurture that kindness in our hearts. That's why kindness is different for every person.
'We're all born with selfish desires, so we can all relate to those feelings in others. But kindness is something made individually by each person, so it's easy to misunderstand when others are trying to be kind to you.'" Tohru Honda, Fruits Basket Manga

"But I think... I want to live with all my memories. Even if they're bad memories. Even if they're memories that only hurt me... that I'd rather forget. If I keep them and keep trying, without running away, then someday I'll be strong enough that those memories can't defeat me. I believe that because I want to think that there's no such thing as a memory that's ok to forget." Momiji Sohma, Fruits Basket

"We've just witnessed a classic example of what I like to call 'misdirected rage'. Though I believe the technical term is being an a--." Shigure Sohma, Fruits Basket

"Having the courage to be able to admit what you love... enjoying what you love... and being true to yourself... Isn't that also what it means to be strong?” Tamaki Suoh, Ouran Highschool Host Club

" Homunculus: Tell me, why did you refuse to join me? Why God? How did I disappoint you?
Truth: You were incapable of believing in yourself. You stole your power from others, you rejected your human origin, and chose to covet the power of what you call God. You never grew beyond your days in the flask. Did you truly think you'd become superior to humans by removing your seven desires? Don't make me laugh!
Homunculus: What's wrong with that? I only wanted to obtain perfection? I wanted this worlds knowledge for my own! Why should I be punished for that? What's wrong with craving knowledge? What's wrong with seeking perfection? Well, speak! What are you, anyway? Do you even have a name? Who the hell do you think you are!?
Truth: Who am I? One name you might have for me is the world, or you might call me the universe, or perhaps God, or perhaps the Truth. I am All, and I am One. So, of course, this also means that I am you. I am the truth of your despair, the inescapable price of your boastfulness. And now, I will bestow upon you the despair you deserve.
Homunculus: Don't do this to me. I can't... I can't go back. Please stop! I can't bare to be bound any longer! WAHHH! AHHHHHHH! No! No no no no!
Truth: This despair is reserved for the boastful.
Homunculus: Just tell me what I was supposed to do!
Truth: You brought this outcome upon yourself.
Homunculus: What did I do wrong? What should I have done!?
Truth: You simply must have seen the answer with your own eyes." FMA Brotherhood

“There are many types of monsters that scare me: Monsters who cause trouble without showing themselves, monsters who abduct children, monsters who devour dreams, monsters who suck blood... and then, monsters who tell nothing but lies. Lying monsters are a real nuisance: They are much more cunning than others. They pose as humans even though they have no understanding of the human heart; they eat even though they've never experienced hunger; they study even though they have no interest in academics; they seek friendship even though they do not know how to love. If I were to encounter such monsters, I would likely be eaten by them... because in truth, I am that monster.” L, Death Note

"Sometimes a roll an old baker man has slapped together is much more meaningful than an eternal truth discovered by an esteemed philosopher." Nezumi, No.6 Novels

"People can’t become God. Humans can’t create Paradise. You guys thought you could be God, an almighty Creator. You thought you were all-powerful. That moment is when you fell. You began to corrupt. The cogwheels started turning backwards. You stopped paying heed to people’s feelings, and their suffering and brutality were no longer in your line of sight. All you had was your greed to satisfy your ideologies―no, your own selfish desires. In order to achieve that, you thought you would be forgiven for doing anything. You didn’t even need to beg for forgiveness―begging was below you. What Paradise? All you did was create an arrogant and ruthless monster surrounded by alloy walls, and turn everywhere else around it into Hell." Nezumi, No.6 Novels

"I'm scared that I'm not human. I'm scared that I'm different from other chains... I fear the things I don't know. I fear the things I already knew... and at every moment... I always... more than anyone... fear myself the most!" Alice, Pandora Hearts

Whew! That's alot. I guess I'll post more later. ^-^
'What one does not understand one fears. What one fears, one destroys.' -Native American Indian Proverb
"Man: What surprises you most about mankind? God: That they get bored with childhood, they rush to grow up, and then long to be children again. That they lose their health to make money and then lose their money to restore their health. That by thinking anxiously about the future, they forget the present, such that they live in neither the present nor the future. That they live as though they will never die and die as though they never lived."
"God expects spiritual fruit not religious nuts."

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Re: Favorite Anime Quotes

Postby skreyola » Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:29 pm

PLCDreamcatcher14 wrote:"But I think... I want to live with all my memories. Even if they're bad memories. Even if they're memories that only hurt me... that I'd rather forget. If I keep them and keep trying, without running away, then someday I'll be strong enough that those memories can't defeat me. I believe that because I want to think that there's no such thing as a memory that's ok to forget." Momiji Sohma, Fruits Basket


I also love Tohru's speech about the umeboshi.
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Re: Favorite Anime Quotes

Postby Kraavdran » Tue Mar 31, 2015 7:57 pm

"I'd rather trust and regret, than doubt and regret."
- Kirigaya Kazuto (Sword Art Online)

"Once you meet someone, you never really forget them"
- Chihiro (Spirited Away)
"Fiat justitia ruat caelum et pereat mundus"
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