The Grigori Anime= NEED YOUR SUPPORT

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The Grigori Anime= NEED YOUR SUPPORT

Postby TheGrigori » Mon Nov 10, 2014 11:03 am

Fellow Christians. I need your support in getting The Grigori Anime out to the world. After we released our first trailer this past Wednesday I have received emails and phone calls relating to my project AND not just anyone. Power players in the Industry! I have meetings later this week, they are reading our scripts, they are viewing our current content! So I praise Jesus! I am very excited, it has taken 8 years to get to this point! We have another action trailer thats going to be released.

The Grigori is a Biblical project. It will feature the time of Enoch, Methuselah, giants, arch angels and the events that took place during Genesis 6:1-4 and other Dead Sea scroll documents. This is one of several Biblical projects we will be launching. If we can get people used to watching Biblical content and create an atmosphere of fans that take interest in such projects it will open the door for many other projects such as Prince Adventures. Yes it will be for upper teens and adults, yes it does have violence (like AOT) because Im telling the story how God gave it to me like in the Bible which does not water down violence or even death. Yes it will be spiritually uplifting and you will see many aspects of various individuals like Enoch and their relationship with God. Good vs Evil etc.

So I am asking my fellow christian anime warriors- to view the trailer, share it to as many people as possible on facebook, social sites etc and do the same when the new trailer is released and like our facebook page.

Facebook page: Please like and share the page
The Teaser Trailer: Please watch and share
Here is our DEviantArt account:

Thank you and God Bless you all!
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