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Postby Kaori » Sat Jul 06, 2019 6:29 pm

Hi ShenValleyLewis,

Welcome to CAA.

I have to confess that not a ton of titles come to mind for me from looking at the list of shows you like, but I thought I would give it a shot since no one else has given you any recommendations yet. (They don't have to be 2019 anime, do they?)

Yotsuba&! - I haven't actually watched this (I read a bit of the manga, and it wasn't quite my thing), but if you like Usagi Drop, you may like this, because it's a similar story about an adult man raising a young girl as his daughter.
Princess Jellyfish - I haven't watched the anime but read quite a bit of the manga, which was very good. It's about a bunch of college-age NEET women and a cross-dressing (straight) man who meets and starts hanging out with them as they try to keep the building they live in from being sold. I've heard good things about the anime, and from the summaries I've read, it leaves off in a very logical place with good closure.
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou - Another one for which I've read the manga but haven't seen the anime (there's an OVA series). The manga is a mild, relaxing slice-of-life with a bit of a bittersweet tone set in a world where ocean levels have risen dramatically.

If you're interested in anime movies, not just series, then I would definitely recommend most of the Studio Ghibli catalog if you haven't seen those films (Princess Mononoke may be too violent for your taste, and Grave of the Fireflies is tragic, but others should be fine), the movie Wolf Children, and pretty much anything directed by Makoto Shinkai (just be warned that 5cm/s is pretty heartbreaking).
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