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What are you reading?

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 1:06 pm
by Technomancer
We had a thread like this in the General section once, so I thought I'd try it again. What are you reading now, and if possible what's it about?

Orhan Pamuk "My Name is Red"

(from the back)
At once a fiendishly devious mystery, a beguiling love story, and a brilliant symposium on the power of art, My Name is Red is a transporting tale set amid the splendour and religious intrigue of sixteenth century Istanbul.

I've only just started it, but so far it's kind of neat.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 1:38 pm
by Kokhiri Sojourn
The last book I was reading out of choice was just before school, back in the middle of January. It is called:
A Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole
and it was funny, but not at all for kids. I hadn't gotten far enough to say if I liked it or not.

Now, I am reading pretty much a new novel every week by either Flannery O'Connor or John Steinbeck for a Topcis class I'm taking. Right at this moment, it is:
Cannery Row - John Steinbeck
So far a much more interesting read than his "In Dubious Battle," But I have a bit to go until I finish the book.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 1:40 pm
by Bobtheduck
Since I dropped my Math class, I'm going to start reading "Making Jesus Lord" by Loren Cunningham. It's not the most linear book in the world (it's set up as lesson plans for a devotional) so I'm not sure whether to treat it the way it asks (1 chapter per session, answering the questions and reading the verses recommended, though with me I'll have to read more because I never read individual verses) or just read it through. If I treat it as a daily lesson plan, I'll read one chapter a day and then move onto a novel of some sort, probably picking up where I left off in "Fellowship of the Ring"

This will be the third time I will have read through some of the chapters in "Making Jesus Lord" but there's some valuable stuff in there.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 2:02 pm
by blueraven
Had nothing to do during my Tuesday 7th period study hall so I asked my French teacher (yes, she is the librarian also) and she suggested I just look in the Christian fiction section :drool: loads of help there! heh, but really, picked up Song of the Silent Harp by B.J. Hoff. I've read up to the third book so far, sadly I can never find the other two books at any of the libraries here -.- and there are three of 'em. But anyways! Um, in short the books follow two (?) families who came to American during the Potato famine. A question mark there because I don't know how to explain it much without giving to much detail. Shows the struggles the Irish had when they came to America as well as the conflict between Catholic and Protestant Irishmen. Not to mention much much more...not doing very well here am I? Heh, never could do brief summaries :sweat:

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 2:55 pm
by Spencer
Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Just started the book, and so far it's pretty confusing. It's in the future, and apparently firemen burn books instead of put out fires. It's kinda weird, and sometimes spontaneous, but so far okay.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 2:56 pm
by Gypsy
Right now I'm reading Lawhead's Arthur - book 3 of the Pendragon Cycle.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 3:26 pm
by Ashley
My reporter's rough drafts :lol: Just finished "Their Eyes Were Watching God" in English...gonna start a heavy round of Rudyard Kipling poetry next week. I also read extensive passages by Donald Kagan in his "Western Heritage" book for European History. Blah.

As for personal time, "The Purpose Driven Life" is begging to be started and I should try to get back into "Grail" by Lawhead (book 4 I believe of the Pendragon Cycle).

Manga wise- Azumanga Daioh, Magic Knights Rayearth II, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Full Moon wo Sagishite when I can get my hands on free time.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 4:09 pm
by The Grammarian
What am I reading...? Principally, Richard Watson's Theological Institutes, the first Methodist systematic theology (volume 1 was published 1821, to give you an idea of how old this is). Also been reading the Full Metal Panic, Samurai Deeper Kyo and Rurouni Kenshin mangas; also read a Norman Geisler book called Chosen But Free, which was supposed to offer a 'middle-ground' between Calvinian absolute predestination and Arminian conditional predestination, but several chapters in he came out with the statement that he was a "moderate Calvinist" (which eliminates any claim to being 'middle of the road,' on his part). I've also been reading Character Witness by Christine Wood (IVP) off and on, and I should try to start reading The Purpose-Driven Life at some point, too.

On top of that, I have 9 books that I need to read for a semester-long research paper on John Milton. Wee.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 4:36 pm
by madphilb
Michael Chriton's "Prey" - cool book, far more colorful language than I expected though.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 4:53 pm
by ShiroiHikari
I was reading The Eye of the World, the first book in the Wheel of Time series, but I wasn't too impressed with it, so I stopped and started reading Pride and Prejudice :lol:

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 7:02 pm
by Twilly Spree
Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, is a classic!

Anywho, I'm reading Ian McEwan's Atonement.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 18, 2004 11:03 pm
by SwordSkill
aside from college work, my leisure reading consists of Neil Gaiman's collection of short stories and poems, Smoke and Mirrors.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 3:42 am
by glitch1501
im reading soon by jerry jenkins

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 3:49 am
by DrNic
Im reading two of the greatest books ever. The Bible and The Fellowship of the Ring!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 5:39 am
by uc pseudonym
Currently, Huckleberry Finn (for a class), CS Lewis's Dangerous Idea. When I get a chance I'll read Miracles and Job: A Comedy of Justice.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 5:44 am
by YesIExist
I'm about to start reading some books on how to master the GRE. Or at least score better than I would if I didn't read it.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 5:44 am
by glitch1501 reading the bible too, and i have a line of books that i want to read

three by i forget his name(thomas somethng?)
eli -bill myers
the LOTR series - j. r.r. tolkien
and the space trilogy - c.s. lewis

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 6:31 am
by cbwing0
I just finished Eugenics: A History of a Bad Idea. It was informative, but let me down at the end.

Right now I am reading I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris, followed by Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship. Enough people have recommended these to me that I couldn't put it off any longer.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 7:48 am
by HikariChan
I TrYeD To ReAd ThE BiBlE BuT i CoUlD NeVeR ReAlLy StArT^^
Am I BaD FoR ThAt?

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 8:24 am
by Zilch
JRR Tolkien's "The Hobbit". A true classic!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 1:03 pm
by JediSonic
I am reading "Pilgrim's Progress" for [home]school, and "Vision of the Future", a StarWars book by Timoth Zahn. I recently read the Thrawn Trilogy, some of the greatest SW books of all time, also by Timothy Zahn, as well as "Spectre of the Past", the prequel to "Vision of the Future".

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 1:59 pm
by Gypsy
HikariChan wrote:I TrYeD To ReAd ThE BiBlE BuT i CoUlD NeVeR ReAlLy StArT^^
Am I BaD FoR ThAt?

Well, where did you try to start? It might be a little rough to try to read from Genesis 1:1 and on. Also, what version are you reading from?

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 2:22 pm
by Namu
Just finished part one of "The Eye of the World". After I get around to starting and finishing my book report, I will start on part two of "The Eye of the World".

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 2:30 pm
by Kokhiri Sojourn
Oh, yeah, for my Lit class we are reading T. S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, which is one of my favorite poems in all of literature, and also "The Wasteland" which, so far, is like wading through mud with all of the footnotes (one of my pet peeves).

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 5:11 pm
by Locke
just finished " Dude, Weres my Country" by Micheal Moore

really enjoyed it

starting/finnaly finishing: Lies your teacher told you

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 5:16 pm
by uc pseudonym
Lies Your Teacher Told You was a great book... very informative about the common deceptions in history today. It receives my recommendation for anyone interested in history.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 5:50 pm
by cbwing0
uc pseudonym wrote:Lies Your Teacher Told You was a great book... very informative about the common deceptions in history today.

If you like that, I would recommend "The Thought Police," by Diane Ravitch. It is all about the changes made to school textbooks in response to pressure groups. Some of it is quite shocking.

"Christianity on Trial," is also a great historical read, despite what the title might lead you to believe. It tells the whole story behind a lot of the events in history that non-Christians throw at Christians all the time, such as the Crusades, imperialism, and the Inquisition, among other things.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 6:16 pm
by Hitokiri
The Samarillion of course (re-reading it like for the ump-teenth time...more like 3rd actually :sweat: )

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 6:27 pm
by Destroyer2000
I'm reading Black Horses for the King right now, but I'm going to start on possibly The Grey King afterwards...that or something else short. Then comes Tolkien.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2004 6:39 pm
by glitch1501
jedisonic, timothy zahn is great, the starwars stuff rocks!