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"Behind closed doors lives the secret world of type-18. A club that only the elite game players in the city are invited go join. The games range from Yu-Gi-Oh! To Pokemon, from bakugan to beyblade, from duel masters to magic and everything in between. These people come together to earn points to spend on rare merchandise in the club set up by the mysterious and eccentric chairman. Who will win? Who will lose? What friendships will be made? What bitter rivalries will be fought? All this and more in type-18"

Okay guys, if you watch b-daman crossfire then the basic plot should seem familiar, only instead of just b-daman it will be all sorts of games. We can run this one of two ways, option one, we go by a real world schedule and have events on certain nights and play one meeting per event. With that option we would only be having rp sessions maybe 2 or 3 times a week. The other option is we go by an in game schedule ignoring real time. This way we can show more interaction outside of the meetings.

Game specialty(what games do you know how to play and are willing to have your character rp, any game is fine as long as at least one other person knows how to play):
Rank(you can choose to have your person be a new comer or someone who's been here a while, the ranks are beginner, trainer, veteran, and ambassador)

And my app
Name:jason L stones
Game specialty:oh boy, Yu-Gi-Oh!, pokemon(card and vg), duel masters(old version), beyblade, bakugan, b-daman, chaotic, dungeon dice monsters, and I would love to work the capaule monsters chess in eventually
Personality:overall positive but gets very competitive. He has what he calls his "zone" where he tunes out everything but the game which can annoy people. When he does lose though he usually tries to keep his spirits up to maintain his image.
Bio:Jason is one of the longest standing members of type-18. He joined about 2 years ago, he took over as ambassador after Derrick retired, he was chosen because when they were all told the chairman was dead he stood up to take over and keep the club going. It turned out that it was a test and the chairman named him ambassador. As ambassador Jason is the only one allowed direct contact with the chairman.
Outfit:while his clothes are constantly changing his always wears his millenium puzzle necklace.
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