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A New Dawn

PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 3:58 pm
by Wolfsong
Notes from the Diary of Grand Sage Neomen:
The Darkness creeps closer to us now, much closer than it has for the past generation. So many have been lost, so much has fallen to its dread march. Ours is the last Kingdom still against the Dark, ours is the last hope of mankind. But the shadow passes over us, leaving a great sorrow behind it. King Lyorn took ill and died a week ago, with no son to take the throne. i do not trust the new regeant, Mardos. I fear he will sell us to the dark to save his own miserable soul. how long do we have, before the darkness finally consumes us?
The men and women still strong in the Light have all been destroyed. Even the great heroes, Demetrius Azaga the Master Swordsman, Erasmus Etheral the Master Mage, and Emagene Kirena the White Priestess, bearer of the White Wings, while withstanding becoming one with the Darkness, were dragged into its black fortress. I fear for their lives.
My friends,as I promised you before you left us, I have raised your children and have enjoyed watching them grow. Its easier now to understand the joys of parenthood as well as its worries and fears. I wonder now if they will take up the mantle of their parents and fight to save our world, or shall the Light again be too weak to withstand the seduction of Darkness? I can only watch, and hope.

There are four children: one child of Demetrius, one child of Erasmus, and Emagene had twins. PM me for your preference, but its a first-come-first-serve. I will play the eldest of the twins.

Character Sheets: Two Characters Max
Age: (if one of the children, you must be 14-20. If one of the twins, please be the same age as my character)
Appearance: (optional, if you don't want to, you don't have to)
Other: (anything else you want to add)
Power: (this is for the children only)

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 4:03 pm
by Wolfsong
Name: Reveka Kirena
Age: 15
Appearence: Short black hair, most of it hanging over her eyes, and sometimes hiding them entirely. Her eyes are a light blue, and often hold a sorrowful light. She wears a light blue blouse and a navy blue skirt, white tights and black shoes.
Personality: She is quiet and thoughtful, and does not speak. Believed to be mute, but she does laugh. She misses her mother greatly, this being her primary emotion.
Other: Grand Sage Neomen believes her dreams, oftentimes strange and recently almost nightmarish, are prophetic messages of things to come, though Reveka thinks he's wrong.
Power: She uses white magic, like her mother before her. Currently, the only things she can do is heal small wcuts, cure minor ilnesses, and strikes enemies with small beams of light, by using her own energy. This often leaves her weak.

Name: Jadis Coragna
Age: 21
Appearence: Golden blonde hair that rests in loose curls on his shulders. his eyes are a dark brown. His perpetual smirk is sardonic and slightly sarcastic. He wears a gray shirt with a black leather jacket, and dirt brown pants and boots.
Personality: Comes across as dark, gloomy, and morbid to those who don't know him. Those who do understand that it is his dry, humerous-only-to-himself way of dealing with a world about to be shrouded in darkness with no apparent way to stop it.
Other: he has astonishing agility and is one of the fastest runners. This saved his life, when his home was invaded and destroyed. He is the last surviving member of his family, with a strong desire for vengeance.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 6:33 pm
by Ally-Ann
Name: Ruby Walsh

Age: 16

+Height/Weight: 5'5, 120 lbs. She's curvy, but fit.

+Skin tone/Color: Fair, with a slight rosy color tinting her cheeks.

+Hair: Dark-red, wavy, waist-length, parted to the side. She may twist it into a thick fan bun once in awhile.

+Eyes: Almond-shaped. They're a vibrant forest-green, and hold a curious, mischievous gleam.

+Clothes: She wears an ankle-length, black dress, with thin straps. It's made of flowy yet durable material, and she wears black leggings underneath so that she can run and climb and fight back at her brother as hard as she wants without worrying about her dress riding up her legs too far.

Personality: Ruby is adventurous and curious, but she keeps her wits about her. She's witty, and though she doesn't really realize it, she has a deep appreciation for nature. She's a bit of a wild-child at heart, but she remains quiet to those she doesn't feel comfortable around. She can also be dense, not always understanding the purposes behind someone else's actions or emotions, thus angering those who don't understand her.

Other: Though Ruby doesn't appear to be strong, she has surprising strength for a girl her age, as well as sharp reflexes. Both of these came in handy when her home was attacked, killing her mother and father. She also has a brother who survived, but they both avoid each other, otherwise they fight frequently.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 8:56 pm
by Koneko-chan
Great RP plot. :D

Not to be annoying, but could I ask a couple questions?

Okay, so.. I'm a bit confused on the whole Demetrius, Erasmus, Emagene etc, thing. How many children can there be? I think me and Tora-san want to be the children, but um. You probably won't answer this until tomorrow. XD

Okay.. I'm also confused as to who the children are.. How many children can be left? Me and Tora-san are kind of.. Confused.

Anyhow, we'll send in character sheets anyway, I'm just not sure how.. Because of the children, and who's got dibs on what.. So yeah. XD

EDIT: Tora-san says she really loves your RPG, but she isn't feeling up to it right now, she also says sorry. *Glomp* :>

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 10:33 pm
by Koneko-chan
Name: Callysta (Ca- Lee - Stah) Azaga
Age: 15
Appearance: Porcelain like skin, Beryl Green eyes that tend to gleam gleefully , Her lower back length hair is a dark brownish cinnamon color, it's a styled a bit wispy with a side bang, she wears black shorts sometimes a skirt, white leggings, a long sleeved pale green shirt, the sleeves cover half of her hands, and sometimes an aviator jacket, and knee high brown boots.
Height: About 5'7.
Weight: 129 lbs, she's rather, delicate looking though.
Personality: She is very bashful and kind, but she can also be quite sarcastic, and believe it or not, she has a quick temper. Also faced with a situation minor or major, she can be very motherly, she tries to find the best in people, as well as being emotional.
Other: She has a cat-like agility, she can climb and balance very well. She also wears silver ear cuffs (Earrings at the top of the ear) as well as black cat studs.
Power: She can convince people easily of things, some sort of charm-speak as well as being able to use shadows.

How's that? ^^

(I aww'd at the crush thing XD)

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:11 am
by syphon
Oh a new rpg i could possibly join. Ive wanted to give these a try, but before i join myself in ill ask for your permission first because im a complete noob here. And i dont want to hold anyone back lol

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:16 am
by Koneko-chan
That'd be awesome, Syphon! I can't wait til Wolfie gets on. :3

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:18 am
by syphon
Me either sounds fun, just hope i can figure out how to play(although it may be easier than i think) XD

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 5:56 pm
by Wolfsong
SYPHON!!!! *glomp* Of course you're welcome aboard! You don't actually have to ask, you're welcome anytime!

Now to answer some questions.
Demetrius and co. were the greatest of the few people left, who had enough Light inside them to withstand the dark. The children I was speaking of are theirs, who were raised by Grand Sage Neomen. See, he was old friends with them, and they had asked him to tend to their children, should they fall in battle.
And...they disappeared
The way I meant this to work was, if you wanted to be a child, you pm'd me and told me which child you wanted to be
You'd tell me which child of which parent, and if they weren't taken, I'd let you have it. Otherwise, I'd probably let you have something else.

Anyways, I cleared this with Koneko in chat, but this is for the benefit of everyone else. Koneko has claimed the child of Demetrius, which leaves Erasmus Etheral's child and Emagene Kirena's youngest twin child.

Edit: I forgot to add, accepted Ally-Ann, great to have you aboard again, and you too Koneko! Looking forward to seeing yours, Syphon.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:52 pm
by Koneko-chan
Can't wait til Syphon hops aboard. Your RPGS are so awesome, Wolf! >U<

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:57 pm
by Wolfsong
Koneko-chan wrote:Can't wait til Syphon hops aboard. Your RPGS are so awesome, Wolf! >U<

Thanks Koneko! That means a lot to me

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:32 pm
by syphon
Talos blight
Age: 20
Appearance: medium short brown hair wavey, 5' 10'', somewhat muscular. White skin color
Personality: conservative, likes to have fun with others, Kind and lovable, doesnt have the heart to kill easily or hurt others but will if he feels it is necessary.
Other: quick learner, knows Defensive techniques, has good senses of his surroundings

I feel like im missing something, seems so small compared to everyone elses lol (i may add more if i think of anything). Well if im doing something wrong please tell me. Ill happily make any changes or add more to my character. And thank you wolf my friend *glomp*, this rpg looks really interesting nice work im excited!

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:42 pm
by Koneko-chan
Eek, yay! I like it so far :3 . If you want to add something, outfit maybe? But you don't have to. C:

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:02 pm
by syphon
Thank you, yea i thought about it just thinking of what i want lol

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 5:35 pm
by Wolfsong
syphon wrote:Talos blight
Age: 20
Appearance: medium short brown hair wavey, 5' 10'', somewhat muscular. White skin color
Personality: conservative, likes to have fun with others, Kind and lovable, doesnt have the heart to kill easily or hurt others but will if he feels it is necessary.
Other: quick learner, knows Defensive techniques, has good senses of his surroundings

I feel like im missing something, seems so small compared to everyone elses lol (i may add more if i think of anything). Well if im doing something wrong please tell me. Ill happily make any changes or add more to my character. And thank you wolf my friend *glomp*, this rpg looks really interesting nice work im excited!

Accepted, and its only smaller because you didn't go for detail on appearance, I think, which is okay. Welcome aboard (even if this isn't an actual boat... :lol: )

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:17 pm
by syphon
Alright thank you, wasnt sure if i did it right being my first time. Well i may add to the appearance later.

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 3:10 pm
by Wolfsong
Sounds good.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2013 5:26 pm
by Wolfsong
Oddood198 wrote:Name: Arren Kirena

Age: 15

Appearance: Arren, obviously enough, looks very similar to his older twin sister, but there are clear differences, as well. He stands at five foot and eight inches, and has a strong, muscular build, without being huge. He weighs about a hundred and sixty pounds, with very little of it being fat. His skin is slightly darkened from the time he spends in the sun, but isn't darkly tanned.
His face, as noted above, holds similarities to his twin sister, he has a tender face, but, at a second glance, you can still tell he's a boy. His eyes are blue, like his sisters', but his are much darker and don't look as sad. His hair is also black, but longer than Reveka's, and he has it tied back out of his face.

As for clothes, Arren wears a long white shirt, with buttons at the ends of the arms that keep them in place, but they can be undone to allow his sleeves to roll up in warmer climates. Under this, he has long grey pants the ends of which are tucked into black boots. He also has a black belt, from which hangs an elegant and almost overly-decorated saber, that he is quite proficient with, but not quite as much as his boasting would lead someone to believe.
Over all this, he wears a thick white coat, with slightly baggy sleeves, a hood, and the back comes down to his knees.

Personality: Arren is a bit spoiled, and more than a bit pushy and overbearing. He is bossy, selfish, and loves being at the top, and he isn't above climbing over others to get there. The one tender, selfless spot in his heart is reserved for his sister, who he loves and dotes on, and is very protective of.

Other: He claims to be allergic to dirt, but in reality he just doesn't like the stuff.

Power: He can summon a pair of wings. Well, kind of, he can make a pair of ethereal angel wings appear on his back, they aren't entirely solid, if you touch them, you'll feel a bit of resistance but still go right through. Despite this, he can still hover for a few seconds with them, and they can at least slow him down when he's falling.

Well, there we go. How's he look?

And accepted officially! I now just need someone for Eramus' kid. Any takers?

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2013 1:52 pm
by Wolfsong
It just came to my attention that I am going to be taking a trip this Sunday, and I probably won't be back for at least five days. Since I probably won't be getting on tomorrow, I'm posting this today. For anyone looking, or interested, there is still an opening for Eramus' child, and if someone hasn't taken it by the time I come back, then I'm controling the poor kid! (mwuahahahahaha!) but with any luck, that won't happen. Anyways, take this time to work on your character, if you want to change anything, because when I come back, we're getting started, come fog, fall, rain, shine, snow, sleet, or hail.
I'm also making some adjustments to my character, which I will finish up on the trip. See you all in a week! (or less, hopefully.)

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:23 pm
by Wolfsong
okay, I'm back, and I note no one's stepped forward for the last child. Ah, well, I can live with that I guess. I'll leave the door open a little while longer, but then I must create a sheet for them and insert them into the story. But they can wait a while, so here we go!

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:40 pm
by Wolfsong
Who am I...
Where am I...
What am I...
Why am I here?

Her gentle eyes blinked, confused by the chaos surrounding her. Fire surrounded her on all sides. Smoke from the fires filled her eyes and mouth,a nd she choked on the putrid air. Quickly, she dropped to the ground, face pressed against the strangely cold stones, and breathed deeply of the cleaner air. Slowly, called by an immesureable force, she began to creep forwar. A rough stone cut her wrist, but she hardly noticed, focusing only on where she knew she needed to go. Gradually, the smoke overhead cleared, as rthe fires were left behind, and she stood once more. Somehow, she knew she was where she needed to be. She peered into the dark cloud ahead. It dispersed slowly, giving her a better look.
Her heart froze.
With a loud cry, she saw Demetrius, his blade a blue as he stood over Emagene, who had collapsed. His glowing eyes were grim as she slashed at a shadowy creature, splitting it from head to toe. Emagene, struggling to rise, blastsed several creatures with a vast beam of pure light. Erasmus was cornered against a wall, desparately trying to clear himself a path back to the others. Reveka's breath caught in her throat, for no matter how many they took down, over a hundred shadows replaced the ones destroyed.
She heard her mother begin a chant in a tongue that was strangely familiar. Around Emagene appeared a soft glow, which grew stronger as the chant intesnified. Reveka blinked; were those wings? Yes! Her mother had a pair of glow pure white wings! The shadows, shrieking, were repulsed by this beautiful light.
Suddenly, a shadow thickened, and a strange man emerged from it. His ebony black hair flowed down his back like a wave. his eyes were an eerie gold,a nd they had an unearthly glow. His long dark red cat swirled around him, thrashing about like a living creature. On his back were two pure black wings, which emitted a shadow as dark as the white wings were bright.
Reveka saw her mother and this man exchange words, though she could not hear what was said. Then the man extended his hand, and wave after wave of darkness descended upon the warriors like a massive wave. Erasmus was the first to fall, and the shaodws hid him from view. Demetrius, still attempting to protect Emagene, was pulled down and he was dragged fighting into the darkness. The light surrounding Emagene was beginning to flicker, like a candle flame dying, as the vast darkness pressed against her. Emagene suddenly flung her arms to the sky, chanting quickly. The wings vansihed, and two balls of light sped toward the sky. But her light shattered, and the Dark crashed down, covering her comepletely.
Reveka gave a small cry, when her eyes were attracted to one of the balls of light. It was speeding toward her! She held her ground, frightened and wondering. It suddenly enveloped her, and sh felt a pressence unearthly within her, but not malignent.
"I bestow the White Wings upon you, my Reveka," she head her mother say. "Bear their burden well."
"Mother!" reveka mentally cried, but the voice was gone.
"So you are the new guardian, the Bearer of the White Wings."
She whirled around. That man was in the air above her, his black wings beating against the wind. His golden eyes regarded her with consideration, as though he was sizing her up. The Darkness circled them, and she discovered herself trapped.
"You're the Heart of Darkness!" he mind screamed.
"Nay, merely its Hand." This man, the Hand of Darkness, smiled at her, satisfied with what he saw. "You have not the resistance of your mother, but it is just as well. Yes, you'll fulfill our plans well, fledgling."
She stared at him, puzzled and affronted. What did he think she would ever do for him?! He laughed at her expression.
"You'll lead me to the Heart of Light yet. Yes, and give it to me as welll. That is your destiny, as mine is to receive and conquer. And when that time comes, you'll stnad at my right hand, fledgling."
"NEVER!" she screamed, with ever fiber of her being. Surprisingly, the shriek despite having been only thought, echoced in the emptiness. Strangely, this unnerved her. Sher turned, fleeing into the shadowas, trying to escape, trying to hide from him, the Hand of Darkness, the Bearer of the Black Wings.
"You can run, but you can never hide." His voice was there, whispering into her mind! "You cannot escape what Fate had laid out for you. You are MINE, Bearer of the White Wings!"

She woke screaming.
She was only vaguely aware of the presence of the otehr children, her dear friends, nearby. SObbing, the memory of her nightmare overwhelming her, she placed her head between her knees and wrapped her arms tighly around them, curling into a tight ball. She could not stop crying, the horror of her dream still clear in her mind.

OOC- well, that's that. I'll do Jadis later.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 7:37 pm
by Oddood198
There was heat, so much heat, but why? Why was it so hot here? And hard to breath, too. Try as he might, the boy couldn't get in a full lungful of air. Alarmed, he opened his eyes, and instantly regretted it as smoke rushed into them, making them water and sting. He dropped to his knees, coughing, lowering his head to try and avoid the smoke, also holding his mouth and nose in his elbow. He rubbed his eyes to try and clear them before opening them again, and when he did, he was shocked by the sight that befell him.
There was fire, fire everywhere, all around him, it was so bright he could barely keep his eyes open, but that did explain the heat. He looked around frantically, trying his best to push down panic but only just succeeding. Where was he? Where were the others? What was happening? All these thoughts and more buzzed through his mind as he tried to make sense of the situation, but none came to him.
While he was still thinking, he suddenly looked ahead, and there, through the smoke, he could see a light. It seemed far off, and distant, but it must have been very bright. As he watched, trying to discern what the glow was, it grew larger and brighter, moving toward him. Despite this, he didn't try to move, or to avoid it, instead he just watched as if entranced as it came close to him. Finally, the light overtook him and covered him, and he felt something that didn't belong here, but at the same time not something that should be pushed away. He was raised to his feet by the light, and then suddenly, it vanished, leaving him standing amidst the spreading flames.

Arren, at the same time as Reveka, woke up screaming.
He bolted into a sitting position, finding his body drenched in cold sweat, but at least it was a relief from the heat of the flames. Actually, no, there was no heat from the flames so he was just cold. He scooted back and leaned up against a wall, breathing heavily. His mind replayed the nightmare over and over and he wondered, what was that light? Was there meaning behind it? Reveka, according to Great Sage Neoman, often had meaningful dreams, but this would be a first for Arren. It was, he supposed, just an average, run-of-the-mill, nightmare.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 17, 2013 7:58 pm
by Ally-Ann
Tick... tick... tick... tick...

A deep sigh echoed throughout the dark room, and sheets rustled gently as a young girl sat up in her bed, the springs squeaking under her weight. She brought a fist to her eyes, rubbing the sleep out of them as she scanned her bedroom. As she yawned, her sight rested on the grandfather clock in the corner of the room, and the girl repeated over and over again, mentally, how late it was, trying to let her mind process the information as she stretched her legs in her bed. 'It's too late to wake up... Or maybe too early, even, she thought, laying back down in bed. What had woken her...? Perhaps a dream? Maybe, but if it was a dream so frightening or exciting that she would wake up, wouldn't she remember it? She lay there for a while, on her back, staring up towards the ceiling and into the darkness. She simply lied there for a while, and thought. Just thought. She tried hard to remember whatever she may have dreamed about, what had woken her up. She rolled over, now lying on her side, as her hair tumbled off the bed in waves of red. She didn't close her eyes; she was too deep in thought to sleep currently. It was something about a tree, maybe, or the forest. Maybe about just nature, or maybe about brother. Her brow furrowed as she dug her fingers into her pillow. Emptiness, darkness, loneliness... This house of Aunt Milly's, how eerie it is. Think, think... Mother, father, the attack...[i] Horrifying last images of her mother and father flashed through her mind, and tears brimmed her eyes. That's what she had dreamed about. She hiccupped quietly, holding in a few sobs as her mind was assaulted with the memories of the attack. She couldn't take it anymore. [i]A walk... I need a walk. She threw the covers off of her, swung her legs over the side of her bed, and planted her feet on the floor, her long nightgown brushing the tops of her feet. She crept quietly to her door, and cringed slightly at the squeak that was emitted when she slowly opened it. She took the shawl that was on the doorknob and wrapped it around herself. She looked a ways down the hallway, making sure that no one else was up, before walking quietly down said hallway, her bare feet making a slight padding sound. As she walked towards the front door, she glanced at pictures hanging on the wall, then promptly looked away, feeling rather spooked by the memories as it was. Slowly, gingerly, she twisted the knob of the front door, relieved that it was not loud. She pulled the door open gently, and with the stealth of a fox, Ruby Walsh walked out the door and out into cold, crisp morning, in which the sun had not even risen yet.

Ruby was bare-footed, but she didn't care. And as she walked on the cobblestone sidewalk leading away from her aunt's house, she breathed in deeply, greeted by the scent of pine and earth. Emotional relief washed over her as she closed her eyes, continuing to walk as a faint smile made itself present on her face. Oh, the stones were annoying, but in a good way. The sun hadn't even risen, but she already felt rejuvenated as she heard a flock of birds fly out from the trees nearby. She stepped onto the grass, and began walking towards a large oak tree, savoring the feeling of grass tickling her feet, like a plethora of feathers. Upon reaching the tree, Ruby gazed upwards at the branches, simply enjoying the sight of the beautiful wonder. She leaned against the base of the tree, wrapping the shawl more snuggly around her shoulders, and closed her eyes once more as pure bliss seemed to surround her. As the first few, small rays of the sun began to shine through the morning mist and clouds, Ruby felt her skin begin to warm, and she was content. "Everything's alright."

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:13 pm
by Wolfsong
Very slowly, Reveka's tears began to slow. She became aware of another sound, of heavy breathing. Her brother's heavy breathing.
She raised her head, eyes red and puffy, from her knees. She couldn't see him, her brother was in the room next to hers, after all, but she could feel him, in a special way. They were twins, so she supposed it made a kind of sense. She scooted to the side of the bed and gingerly put her feet on the floor, wincing as her bare flesh touched the cold stone floors. She changed quickly, then left to go to her brother's room.
She softly opened the door, and saw Arren sitting straight up, like a board, eyes filled with a kind of horror.
"Probably the same in mine right now," she thought. She walked over and gently took his hand, eyes wide and openly worried, expressing her soundless concern.

Jadis shook his head, trying to ignore the buzzing in his ears. Funny, his ears had been buzzing non-stop since he'd passed the dark border. Made sense in a way. Swatting at an inquisitive fly, he looked to the boy squatting next to him.
"I suppose you're still intent on following me?"
"Of course! I've been your right-hand man since the beginning! There's no way I'm backing out now!"
Jadis stared through the bushes toward the huge walls of the fortress. "Just making sure."
"You'd doubt me?" the boy asked, half-joking half-offended.
"Considering this day and age, can you blame me? When you've got brother turning against brother, you know you can't trust anybody. Particularly those closest you." He chuckled quietly.
The boy stared at him a moment, then smiled fondly. "What a gloomy fellow you are. No wonder everyone else refuses to hang out with you." He turned back to the walls. "So we're going in how?"
"Well, I'm going over the walls. What you'll do is go back everyone know we're ready."
"Wait- I'm not going over with you?" the boy turned, eyes wide in hurt disbelief. "But we've done so much together, we're like brothers I wouldn't know what to do without you!"
"Just do whatever Nigal tells you." He studied the wall with a trained eye, trying to spot any flaws. "Once you see the gates open, send for the Archsage, and then come looking for me. With any luck...I'll be in the backmost turret, clearing the way for him." He grinned back at the worried child. "Fret not, Mattemeo, you know me. We'll see each other after the battle and have a laugh over our worries."
Mattemeo, a child of mere twelve, just stared at him. "I understand that this is important, but...I have a bad feeling about leaving you alone in there."
"Relax. At worst, I'll be dead, and that might be best. Now get going!"
"I'd better see you again," Mattemeo replied, then ran off. Jadis watched him go, shaking his head sadly.
"Sorry Matt, but I will not send you to your death. If a life is forfeit, then let it be mine." He smiled grimly, drawing his twin swords. Blessed by the white priestess herself, these blades contained an essence of lihgt, perfect for combatting the creatures of the Darkness.
"Forgive me Matt," he said quietly. "I hope you understand someday."
With that, he rushed forward, passing right through the ranks of the enemy. Ignoring their surprised shrieks and howls, he ran toward the great wall, cutting down whatever stood in his way. When he was a yard away from the wall, he sheathed his swords in the slots in the belts on his back, equipping instead pure silver claws. Reaching the wall, he shifted balance and used his momentum to start running up the side of the wall. Several monsters on top began climbing down toward him. He crossed his arms, whispering a quiet prayer for the eternal protection of the Light. Then, a furious glimmer in his eyes, he began slashing at the shadows coming toward him. one of them managed to gouge his cheek before he killed it. Ignoring the blood streaming down his face, he kept going. About three-fourths of the way up, he realized his momentum was slowing; he wouldn't make it before gravity took over again. Gritting his teeth, he decided to take a risk. He lept onto the back of a shadow, then jumped to another before it could claw him. In this way he continued the rest of the way up, soon alighting on the ramparts.
His body heaved from the exertion of that trick. Gasping, panting for air, he regained his feet and grinned.
"Breached," he huffed. "Guess the...Light loves me...after all." He shook his head. "Now to find that gate." and he walked off.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 18, 2013 7:51 pm
by Oddood198
OOc: I saw the name Mattemeo. Now I picture all the characters as woodland animals.

Arren looked up as the door to his room opened. He saw Reveka enter, looking equal parts concerned and frightened. He forced a smile as she walked to him, taking his hand, "Hey now," He said gently to her, "What are you getting all worked up about? I just had a bad dream, that's all." He gently patted his twin's head, comforting her. "What about you? Did you have another nightmare, too?" He asked her.

OOC: Short. Oh well, I am temporarily sick of writing, so here.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 20, 2013 5:53 pm
by Wolfsong
OOC- lol, they are not! I just liked the name! lol

She nodded gently, trying not to cry again. She looked around, then noticed a pad of paper on the nearby desk. Quietly, she took it up and began writing.
"I had a terrible nightmare," she wrote. "I saw Mom and the other guardians dragged into the dark. Then this terrible man, who called himself the Hand of Darkness, told me some scary things." She looked up at him quietly, asking him with her eyes if he wanted her to elaborate.

OOC- due to lack of time, again, I'll do Jadis later.

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by Oddood198
OOC: Waitaminutewaitaminute, you got that? I'm not the only Redwall fan here?! (I'm getting a sense of deja vu, have we been through this before?)

Arren read what she wrote quietly, then looked down at her. She was so scared, frightened almost out of her wits just by a dream. It wasn't fair that she was haunted by these terrors in her dreams, she didn't do anything to deserve it.
He took the unspecified writing utensil from her hand gently, underlining the word 'nightmare' "it's just that: a nightmare. A bad dream." He told her, hugging her tightly to him. "I miss her too," He said quietly, almost inaudibly, "But your dreams are just dreams, and anything that happens to the guardians, and anything a person says in there, don't matter. None of it means anything, despite what Sage Neomen says. All right?"

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by Wolfsong
OOC- I believe the sense of deja vu comes from the homeschooling. Lol, yes I've read Redwall, and have enjoyed them immensely. Which one's your favorite?

She looked up at him sadly. "I understand," she wrote quietly, keeping her true thoughts hidden behind her eyes. No, she had the strange feeling that this was more than a dream, that somehow, she had taken part of something real that had happened elsewhere. She then wrote, to cover her pause, "Thanks. When you're fully awake, what do you want to do today? What do you suppose Grand Sage Neomen will let us do today?" she grinned at him.

You're not supposed to hide in the darkness from the Darkness. Shadows live inthe dark, knowing all that goes about in the dark. But Jadis had a secret. Long ago, he had come across a precious item in the kingdom vault, a talismen that would hide the preson's essence from any kind of telepathic hunt, visible only to sight. Knowing well its dear value, he promptly snatched it, knowing that, due to the new king's lassitude, his theft would never be discovered. It was this talismen that he wore now, on a chain around his neck, as he hid behind a stack of boxes white shadow creatures ran past. He breathed a sigh of relief as he reviewed his position.
"Just two turrets to go, then I'm at the gate. Three stretches of open wall...can I make it?"
Without giving it further thought, he rushed out the door, crossing the third-to-last stretch of wall. He passed unchallenged and crouched in the shadows of the next turret, breathign heavily. His body was wearing down, exhausted by the tension. He wasn't sure how much more of this he could take.
Doing his best to ignore the stress, he stood and again bolted across. Hearing the loud shrieks alerted him that he'd been discovered. Smiling faintly, the feeling of stress strangely gone, he drew his swords and ran on. Creatures from the depths lept to meet him, and he greeted them with the edge of a blade. Adrenaline pumped in his veins, encouraging him to go faster. Monsters rose and fell before him, howling atrocities.
"If this is all they've got to offer, I really am foolish for worrying," he thought, chukling as he cleared the last wall and entered the gatehouse. He slammed the door open, waking its occupant. They were almost as surprised as he was, but recovered quickly.
"Who the heck are you?!" the man roared, standing up. Jadis stared up at the eight-foot figure and grinned cockily.
"I'm mad, lard brain, so get outta dodge before I have to kill you."
The giant's eyes narrowed; Jadis guessed the human monster was realizing his essence was hidden. "You ain't one of us!" he roared, instantly lunging forward.
Diving between his legs, Jadis severed the tendens, sending him crashing to the ground. "How clever of you to notice," he responded dryly to the thrashing giant, who was still struggling to get at him. Jadis turned his complete attention now to the contraption that would open the gate. The series of pulleys, ropes and weights were familiar, so he knew how to open them. The only problem was: it required more strength than he had to turn the great wheel.
"Curses. That's a setback. No wonder they set you up here," he remarked offhandedly. "First things first." He locked the door, trying to keep further monsters out. Then he readdressed the gate. Glancing out the gatehouse window, he could see Nigal's force taking on the legions. They were obviously beginning to struggle, so if he didn't get that gate open, more lives than his were lost.
Instantly, he flung himself at the main wheel, pulling for all he was worth. But no matter what he did, it wouldn't budge.
"This is it, insolant little bug!"
Instinct saved him, for he dove away just as the giant flung himself at Jadis. Instead, the weight of his body landed on the wheel, pulling it to where Jadis needed it. Jadis grabbed the spokes before it could turn back,and stuffed everything he could get his hands on into the spokes, jamming the wheel. "My thanks - and my apologies," he said, skewering the giant. "But I can't risk you undoing all my work."
The pounding on the door intesified, and he knew it was about to give. Smiling humorlously, he rolled the body in front of the door for support, then bolted down the trapdoor, leading to the ground. If he could still reach the back towar, there was still a chance he could save himself.

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Arren grinned wryly, "Well,today I think I would like to take a long walk, maybe head to the nearest city for a bit. Perhaps going to see some entertainment or get some good food would be nice." He then grimaced, "As for what Sage Neoman will let us do, I imagine we'll be stuck up in the library, being made to pore over dusty old scrolls with history, and some arcane mumbo-jumbo." He sighed, "Well, best look on the bright side." He said, then paused. The pause stretched on. And on. And on. "Coming up with anything?"

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She slowly shook her head, but was grinning hugely. She quickly wrote- "I don't know any bright side for that, but I know something. I was wandering around last night, before Neoman sent us to bed, and discovered a series of tunnels that would lead out of the mountain. We could go see that kingdom down there, Mellitha, I think its called. And lets invite Callysta and Ethinine along." She smiled up at him, clearly excited. She loved the Grand Sage, but she was yearning to see something outside of the mountain. A chance to see that kingdom, the last kingdom in the light as the Grand Sage said, would be exciting! Her earlier nightmare slipped into the back of her mind.

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