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To You, a Friend

PostPosted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 1:30 pm
by Wolfsong
If you were not there
Would I also disappear?
If you ever released my hand
Would I never find my way?
If you stopped saying my name
Would I lose that too?

I am broken, so very broken, where no one can fix
I am worthless but you gather the pieces anyway

Why do you stay when I push you away?
Why when I cry do you wipe my eyes?
Why when I'm scared you're always there,
To hold me close and fight my fears?

I don't understand your love for me
I forgot how to care long ago
But you don't care, you're always there
Holding me as I travel this broken road

I don't understand
But I'll hold fast; Its all I have
To keep me safe when the nightmares wake
When I trace my scars, when I feel my pain
When all is lost I turn and find