Genesis: Multitude of Slanders (Interactive Story)

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Genesis: Multitude of Slanders (Interactive Story)

Postby FreddyCast » Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:04 pm

Ok, so this an idea I came up with a few weeks ago. This story will be about an angel who witnesses a certain angel's fall from grace, seen through his perspective. Since this is an interactive story of a sort, at the end of each chapter I'll leave a 2 or 3 choices for the reader to choose from. I'll leave the voting open for a week and after that whichever choice has the most votes, then I will continue my story based on that choice. If there are no votes within a week, then I'll continue the story based on my choice.
I welcome praises and criticisms as well. So please feel free to share with me your thoughts.

Alright let's start the epic drama of heavenly proportions lol.

Chapter 1- Loyalty and Resistance

(In a semi-dark room lit up by many candles there sat 12 angelic figures arrayed in princely garments. All the figures sat still in their places around a horseshoe shaped table, silent and focused at the kingly figure standing in the middle. The appearance of this kingly figure was like the Son of Man, arrayed with a robe as white as snow reaching to his feet, and with a golden sash around his chest and a golden girdle around his waist. His head and His hair were white like white wool, like snow; and His eyes were like a flame of fire. The brilliant figure slowly sat down at the table and the 12 angelic figures could feel the dark tension in the room. Although there was this beacon of light and love among them, nevertheless, a shadow of silence and uncertainty was in the atmosphere. Then the kingly figure spoke words which had never been spoken before. Words that the 12 angels have never heard before, yet would shake them to their core.)

Master: I tell you the truth; one of you who eats with Me, will turn against Me.

(The 12 angels look at each other filled with disbelief, fear, and suspicion towards one another, in doubt as to who their Master meant. The twelve begin to mumble amongst themselves. “A traitor?”, “One of us?” “NO, THIS CANNOT BE”, “How can any of us do such a thing?”. One of the 12 sitting at the table named Gabriel, looks at His fellow brother Heylel sitting next to the Master. To his horror, the eyes of his fellow brother begins to slowly darken, and the dark presence within his fellow brother begins to choke Gabriel, making it hard for him to breathe.)

Gabriel: (As his fellow brother’s eyes darken ever more, Gabriel begins to hear his name being called from a distance.



Suddenly all that Gabriel can see are Heylel’s complelely darkened eyes.


(The last shout of his name wakes Gabriel up from his vision as he breathes heavily. He stands in the congregation of the Saints next to a supporting pillar as he overlooks a sea of angelic hosts concentrated more towards the middle of the forum. He slumps to the side and leans on to the pillar.)

Michael: Brother Gabriel, are you ok?....

Gabriel: Huh?, Brother Michael...I’m....alright....I just need to....what happened?

Michael: I was speaking to you about our Father’s new creation, until you spaced out on me. It seemed like you were in a trance. (Michael’s eyes widen, thinking that he’s realized what happened to Gabriel, and clicks his two fingers) I see now; you had one of those visions again. You know...about the future. I bet it’s something glorious. Tell me brother, what good news is it that you bring to us? (Gabriel hesitates to answer)

Gabriel: I...uh...don’t think it’s good news.

Michael: What?...Well that’s certainly strange. What else could it be other than good news?

Gabriel: I don’t really understand it myself. It’s so confusing and...I don’t....

(Michael sees that Gabriel is distraught and doesn’t push the subject any further)

Michael: Don’t worry Brother Gabriel. Come, let’s go witness our Father create His New Creation, made in His own Image. This will be a wondrous day indeed.
Gabriel: Right!

(Gabriel and Michael spread their wings and fly up as they teleport immediately towards Earth like a streak of lightning. The rest of the angelic host follow as well. Gabriel and Michael land on top of a cliff like a bolt of lightning hitting the Earth on impact, yet they leave no damage to the ground. They take a step forward to see a lush valley and a myriad of lightning bolts hit the earth as countless angels arrive to see this great Event. Gabriel still ponders over what he saw in the vision)

Michael: Amazing! This kind of gathering hasn’t happened since our Father laid the foundations of the Earth.

Gabriel: All of us rejoiced that day. (A group of angels appear behind Gabriel and Michael and approach them)

Phanuel: Brother Raguel, how long was that ago?

Raguel: Four days ago.

Remiel: Not too long ago then.

Gabriel: Raguel and Phanuel!

Michael: Hahaha, yeah well, in our Father’s Presence, time flies by.

Phanuel: Yes, haha, it certainly does.

Gabriel: So why are you two here? (Raguel smiles)

Raguel: What, we can’t come to see two of our most favorite friends?

Gabriel: No, we welcome your company, my brothers.

(Suddenly, seven more angels appear from left to right)

Raphael: Then you don’t mind us joining as well.

Michael: Raphael, Uriel, Suriyel, Remiel, Kamuel, Zadkiel, Raziel. The chief of God’s sons come to visit us. I’m truly humbled.

Uriel: Come now, Michael, everyone knows you are chiefest among us.

Suriyel: It makes sense to the chief of God’s sons to gather around his most glorious son.

Michael: I don’t think I am.

Remiel: Really? And who is it that our Father first chose to be head among his brethren?

Kamuel: And who commands the most of the sons of God?

Michael: I’m just one of our Father’s humble servants. Nothing more!

Zadkiel: You may not see it that way, but we look up to you Michael.

Raziel: You are our oldest brother after all.

(Phanuel and Raguel shake their heads in approval and Gabriel has a smile on his face)

Gabriel: Have all of you come to throw your flatteries on Michael, or see our Father’s new Creation?

Raphael: Do not worry, Gabriel. We’ve come to be among our friends in this most wondrous moment of our Father’s Creation.

Gabriel: Good, he already has someone to annoy him on just how great he is. (Gabriel puts his left hand on Michael’s shoulder.)

Michael: Haha, please brothers. After this moment, our Father’s new Creation will surpass all of us. We will witness our new Brother, made in our Father’s own Image. And we will flock to him.....

(Suddenly the conversation is interrupted by an imperial voice)

Heylel: Do not sell yourself so short, Michael. You are the mighty son of God. No creature made of dirt can ever surpass us. (He gives a disapproving look at the rest of the angels and sets his sight on Michael) Though it is I who am the Greatest among the sons of God, not you Michael.

Michael: I do not doubt that, Brother Heylel.

Gabriel: It’s good you’ve come to grace us with your presence, dear brother.

Heylel: It’s my pleasure Gabriel. (Heylel directs an angel escorting him to come forward) Come Yahoel, meet your elder brothers and the chiefest among the sons of God.

Yahoel: It’s good to meet you, my brothers. I haven’t got the opportunity to meet you sooner.

Gabriel: Ah, I remember you. You have been in many of my visions. Your purpose is...unclear...though your end is for the glory of Yahuwah. I expect good things from you, Yahoel.

Heylel: We all do. He’s a fine Helper who’s Always by my side. (He lays his right hand on Yahoel in approval and smiles at him) But let us remember why we’re all here. The impending arrival of our new brother is at hand, a holy and innocent spirit incased within a physical form made of the dust of the Earth.

Michael: And made in our Father’s image. (Heylel’s eyebrow twitches at these spoken words)

Heylel: WE ARE our Father’s image. Our Father is Spirit, and WE are spirit. This new creation is no different......(Everyone looks at each other unsure of what to make of Heylel’s short outburst)...Come now, our Father calls us. We are to witness His Creation up close.

(All the 13 angels land in the center of the lush valley)

Heylel: Stay here Yahoel, Our Father calls only his chiefest sons. Be honored that you are this close to the event.

Yahoel: I am, elder Brother. And I’m humbled to be at your side. (Heylel smiles)

Heylel: Good, wait here. (Heylel joins the others as they wait for God. Heylel looks up and the others do the same with joy as a huge cloud manifests above them)
Heylel says with delight: Our Father’s presence is here.

Michael: The Shekinah Glory.

(Then thunder is heard within the cloud as streams of lightning converge in the center and shoots down with blinding light and impact the ground. On impact, a figure of unimaginable glory appears.)

Gabriel: Master!

Michael: The Angel of Yahuwah!

Heylel: The Son Eternal!

(All 12 angels bow before Him)

Christ: My sons, thank you for joining me on this glorious occasion. Now, let us welcome our new brother, made in our Father’s image. (Heylel tilts his head down and contorts his eyebrow) Rise, sons of God, and gaze upon Me as I and my Father call Our Spirit to create Man.

(The 12 angels rise to their feet as The Wind begins to blow from all directions and center around a patch of dirt as it raises the dust up in a whirlwind. Slowly a form begins to take shape as the dust within the whirlwind gather together in lumps and start to show vague features of some new creature. Then the features become clear. Feet, legs, torso, chest, arms, hands, head, and a face. The 12 look in utter amazement at what they are witnessing and soon their new brother is fully formed and is laid on the ground gently. The Angel of Yahuwah bends down to His knees and breathes out air from His mouth and into the new creature’s nose, taking in the air.)
Christ: Receive my Spirit. This day I give you life and call you Man. (The Man breathes and opens his eyes)

Christ: Do not be afraid, rise to your feet and stand with Me. (The Man does so, and the 12 angels murmur among each other)

Gabriel: He has our Master’s form.

Michael: He truly is Our Father’s image.

Heylel: It can’t be.

Christ declares to all: You are Man, and this day forth I give you the Earth and all that is in it to be under your authority.

(He then turns to address the 12 angels)

Christ: My sons, as the chiefest among your brethren, I give you a new commandment, that you eternally serve your youngest brother to watch over Him and take care of all his needs. Kneel before Me and Man.

(Michael is the first to kneel down gladly and the others do the same, except Heylel, who still stands confused over Christ’s new command.)

Heylel: Master!?...... (Heylel looks at Christ intensely, waiting for His response, almost begging for this to not be true. Christ touches the shoulder of Man and freezes him in time, not wanting him to see what transpires next.)

Christ: It is My Will....and my Father’s Will. (Michael, who is kneeling down looks up at Heylel)

Michael: Brother, what’s the matter? Kneel!

(Heylel looks back saddened by the sight of Yahoel kneeling. Yahoel looks at Heylel, bewildered at Heylel’s behavior. Heylel then looks far off to see some of his angels under his command kneeling and others standing. His eyes shine with a gleam of relief that he is not alone)

Michael shouts: Heylel! What’s wrong? Bow before our Master. (Heylel gives Michael a frown and then looks at Christ intensely.)

Heylel: I will bow before you, Master. (Then he quickly points his finger at Man.) But not before this...this....creature made of dirt.

Gabriel: Heylel, what are you saying? Are you disobeying our Master?

Heylel: just...

Raphael: This is unheard of. To disobey our Master? It’s impossible.

Heylel: I’m not....I just don’t....

Uriel: Heylel, listen to our Master.

Raguel: Is Man not in our Master’s image? Look at him.

Phanuel: Kneel, Heylel! (As Heylel is bombarded by the others’ disapproval over his resistance, he loses his temper and yells out his intention)

(Christ extends his arm forward with his palm wide open. All are silent.)

Christ: Peace everyone! Heylel, my son, do not let your pride consume you.

Heylel: My...pride???

Christ: Repent and kneel down before your Father’s command.

Heylel: Repent?...I......(There’s a long silence as all gaze upon Heylel. He takes a step back) I am the son...(He takes another step back)...I am the son of....(He takes a few more steps back and then His face becomes cold and hardened with pride, and with a raised imperial voice proclaims)....I AM THE SON OF THE MORNING. AND I WILL NOT PROSTRTAE MYSELF BEFORE MAN.

(With tremendous force He shoots out His many wings and flies up into the sky back towards Heaven and his angels follow as well. The rest of the angels are left bewildered and troubled over seeing so many of their brothers leaving them.)

Michael: HEYLEL!!! (He opens his many wings and turns to address Christ) Master we must stop him.

Christ: Leave him!

Michael: But Master, he disobeyed you.

Christ: Then convince him to repent, but do no harm to him. But for now, leave him. Remember we must welcome Man into this world.

Michael: Yes...Master. Your Will be done. (Christ smiles with an enduring love, and then looks at Yahoel who has his head up into the sky wandering why Heylel left. Yahoel then sees Christ setting His sight on him as if to tell him something)

Ok, now it's time to choose a path, my fellow readers.

A: Find Heylel to try to console him.
B: Stay to welcome Man.
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