Some Old Emotional Poetry

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Some Old Emotional Poetry

Postby acgifford » Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:48 am

Haha...Yeah, It seemed that everytime I was assigned to write poetry, I had something very emotional to write about. The first I will mention was done this year. I was going through an emotional time at this point. Here is a ballad written by me. I hope you like it!

My Love's Failure

My love my love how can this be?
That you and I are failing?
The love that you and I do share,
now seems that it is waining.

You cry and cry with bitter tears,
your in so much pain,
I stare at you with empty eyes,
my love for you no gain.

You look at me with pleading eyes,
your heart it is a breaking,
yet even still my heart is cold,
for all the fuss your making.

You are so naive, you are so trusting,
this is your fault not mine,
your the one who made me think,
that you and I were fine.

You cry and cry and cry and cry somemore,
yet still I will not budge,
I smile at you and leave you there,
and you will hold a grudge.

I do not care and I do not mind,
your love for me is gone,
but wait, whats this? My heart, it now throbs,
I can not love this one.

I turn around and look at you,
my eyes are filled with tears,
I do love you I say and say,
can you forgive my fears?

You look at me with wondering eyes,
I nod at you and say,
I love you dear heart my says so,
I can not leave you stay.

You and I embrace one another,
we now love again,
you forgave me for my fears,
now our love can grow.
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Postby Diamond Dragon » Mon Oct 11, 2010 12:46 pm

Awsomenesssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :d
(Pic made by Bio! <3)

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