2010 Halloween creative writing challenge!

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2010 Halloween creative writing challenge!

Postby Mithrandir » Fri Oct 01, 2010 10:28 pm

Hi everyone!

Starting today, there's a new contest on the board. It's the Halloween 2010 Creative Writing Challenge! In the interest of keeping things fun for everyone, we're going to goof it up a bit. XD This challenge is like most CW contests, but there's a slight twist. Your story can bring in your own special characters and plot points, but we're setting the stage for you!

Our story begins at the stroke of midnight in the depths of the dreaded Count Chocula's castle! A scream rings out from somewhere deep in the labyrinth of castle corridors and walkways. Who could it be? What could have happened? Find out when we announce the winner on Halloween day!

Submit your story by email to Mithrandir [at ] ChristianAnime (no spaces) [dot] Net and I'll make sure they get published to the site anonymously (to keep from skewing the judging). In addition to the moderator judges, we'll create a special poll where everyone can vote for their own "people's choice" winner!

Entry Rules:
* Please submit your story as a text file (.txt).
* Stories should probably not exceed around 1000 words.
* Please err on the side of Wackiness, not Goriness.
* Deadline for submission is 10/24/2010; winners will be announced on Halloween!

Contest winner will receive special bragging rights in signature!
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Postby goldenspines » Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:35 pm

Happy Halloween everyone! :D

I am here to announce the fantastic results of the Halloween Writing Contest!

The bad news is, we only received one entry. :<
But the good news is that this one contestant's story made up for all of you, who did not enter, in their hard work to get their story well written and finished by the deadline. ^__^

And the winner is.....

[color="DarkOrange"]Fllmtl Novelist![/color]

Congratulations and awesome job on your story! All of us who read it found it very cleverly written and humorous. Major kudos to you for putting your time and effort into you story. ^___^

(Fllmtl Novelist's entry is quoted below)

Of course, the prize is special bragging rights in your signature (to the effect of "Official Winner of the CAA Halloween Writing Contest"), but since you were the only entrant, Fu, I will speak to our prize department and see if we can make you a cool sig picture or something. o:

Here is the winning story. Enjoy!

[quote="Fllmtl Novelist's story: A Debt Paid"] A DEBT PAID

The tour of Uncle Chocula’s boring castle dragged on for hours. Painting after painting of dead relatives hung on the walls, and Uncle droned on about every lost Count and Countess until I wanted to scream. Only texting my friends kept me sane.
We entered the parlor as the grandfather clock chimed midnight, and a spider appeared.
It was brown, hairy, and large]
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