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Postby MOAVGproduction » Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:18 pm

Hi this is where I'll put my fanfiction stories up here; these stories will also be posted up on (just registered there... so I got to wait two days... :\ though... it gives me time to write some stories... :)
The second post is going to be reserved for my story.
Thank you!
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Postby MOAVGproduction » Mon Jun 21, 2010 2:23 pm

Please do not steal this and claim this is your work, I worked hard on this; I will not allow you to steal my work.
Thank you and Enjoy my work,
MOAVGproductions/ Samuel

[SIZE="3"]SpongeBob's best friend...
As Spongebob looked over his shoulder, gazing at his pineapple home, he can't believe that he is finally moving from Bikini Bottom... All his friends... leaving them; his best friend, Patrick. As he sits in the passenger seat of the moving van driving into the sunset, it is just like a scene in a movie, only this isn't a movie. Gary sitting in his lap gave him a reassuring meow, meaning that everything is going to be alright. Spongebob looked out the window for one last look at Bikini bottom, but it was too late, it was already a tiny dot in the horizon. Spongebob stuck his head back in the van and started to wonder to himself weather this was the right thing to do, moving, but he has to move on. He can't look back now, what's done is done. All that SpongeBob could do right now was shut his eyes...
5 months later...
"Gary! Come in to the living room, something is on the news about Bikini Bottom!" Spongebob yelled as Gary meowed and came into the living room to sit on SpongeBob's lap. They eagerly awaited the incoming news about Bikini Bottom.
"We are live right now, from what it looks like there is some kind of armed robbery at the First Nautical Bank."
"Oh no! That's where Patrick works!"
"We just found out that the suspect has shot someone, and killed himself... We are unable to confirm who got shot."
"Oh my gosh! Please don't let it be Patrick! Please don't let it be Patrick!"
"We have confirmed report that an individual named Patrick Star has been shot, and is being transported to the hospital as we speak."
"Gary we have to go back to Bikini Bottom! I need to be by my friend's side! Quickly, lets go!"
Spongebob grabbed Gary and ran out of his condo and quickly got into his car and drove off to Bikini Bottom...
2 hours later...
Spongebob arrived at the Bikini Bottom Hospital and quickly parked his car and ran into the Hospital. Sponge bob asked the lady at the front desk to see where Patrick Star was located, she said that he is still in surgery.
"How long until he is out!" Spongebob yelled at the lady.
"I don't know sir, you are going to have to calm down-"
"How can I calm down while my best friend is dying- Oh my gosh... Patrick... He's dying..." Spongebob was saying as he cried, he sat down and waited for the lady to say when he could come back.
1 hour later...
"You may come back now, to visit your friend in room 78..." she said with a solemn look about her face.
"Yes, Thank you so much!" Spongebob said as he got up and ran to room 78. He found the door and opened it quickly, and saw Patrick lying there in the bed, pale.
"Hey buddy, you came to visit me." Patrick said as he coughed a few times.
Spongebob knew what would happened... He saw red rings around Patrick eyes, his face getting paler by the minute; SpongeBob walked over to Patrick's bedside and held his hand. Spongebob started to sing,
"I'm a goofy goober yeah," Spongebob sung softly into Patrick's ear.
"You're a goofy *cough* *cough* goober yeah," Patrick sung softly into his Best friend's ear.
"We're all goofy goobers yeah," They sung together, as Spongebob tightened his grip on Patrick's hand.
"Goofy, goofy, goober... goober... yeah..." With that SpongeBob saw Patrick's eyes closed, and could feel his grip loosen up.
"I'm always here for you buddy, I'm always here for you Patrick..." Spongebob said as he let go of his best friend's hand.[/SIZE]

this is my new website, check it out.
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