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Postby nln_rose » Fri Aug 29, 2014 11:14 am

Ok so my friend came up with a new system for a board based RPG. i personally found it pretty cool. It's really basic and trys to rely on the D20 to make a lot of the decisions. I was able to learn in about an hour having no real prior experience. It does have a lot of depth to it though, and almost everything is allowed. The rules may not seem complete and that's because we're still working out the kinks if something seems not to work or make sense feel free to ask questions. I don't think this belongs in the RPG section due to the fact that it's actually a project that's in progress and not a RP. so anyways right now we have the core rules which can be applied to any scenario. I've also been working on a fantasy scenario expansion. here's the documents. please feel free to play test any of these elements or develop your own scenarios. I just ask that you post your questions, feedback, and ideas here when you're done. Thanks and have a great day.

Core Rules
Fantasy expansion
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