Looking for animators and/or CG FX ppl...

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Looking for animators and/or CG FX ppl...

Postby Danderson » Thu May 24, 2007 1:28 pm

At the moment, I am curently working on an amutuer film with some close friends of mine.....but here's the problem (and here's where you come in):

The film is going to be longer then I expected originally. We have to editors at the moment: Myself and a friend whom I will refer to only as Dr. Newton. This movie features ALOT of special effects (various explosions, gunshots, bullet richochets, lightsabers, green screen, smoke, power auras, ect), and Newton is the only one who will be working on them. Though he denies it, I believe there is way too many effects needed than he can do by himself....

Baisically, I'm looking for anyone who might be familiar with making effects that are looking for a special project that not only has some fun out of the ordinary action sequences (that actually use the Anime laws of Phyiscs).

I'm also looking for anyone who might be familiar with fluid 3D character animation or 3D Location creation, mainly for a few parts in the action sequences....

Also, for anyone who does flash animation (specifically in anime style) there's a possibility I might need animators for an end credits montage that might look like an intro to your typical action anime....

The movie I'm creating is a modern day action/adventure story that has elements from The Matrix and Star Wars series, yet it is more original. Though it is not a specifically Christian film, it has plot twists that I hope will help the audience understand God better. Also, this is just a volunteer freetime activity, so no ones going to be getting payed (not even me...... :shady: )

So, if anyone is interested please do not hesitate to PM me...just not this weekend, becuase I'm going on a camping trip...
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