Anyone want to work on a newspaper?

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Anyone want to work on a newspaper?

Postby KBMaster » Sun Apr 30, 2006 4:24 pm

Hi! My sister and I run a website called Dreamer's Light. Lately, we've wanted to expand the website from more than video games and anime/manga, so we've made a newspaper. It isn't up for display yet (tomorrow hopefully). It's going to feature news articles, opinion columns, comics (which is currently a manga drawn with pencil and pencil only), and anything else we want in there. We're only going to update it once a week as it's only the two of us. We would love it if we could maybe get some help. Even just sending us an article, an opinion, or YOUR pencil-drawn comic once a week would help. I see some of the best news articles right here on CAA, so I know that you guys are capable.
Oh, you can email me at or PM me.
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