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Postby edendreams » Sun Jan 29, 2006 10:56 pm

I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not but i came up with it because i wanted to have a story with a christian theme.

ok so it is a pre existing story i have but i descided to change the theme a little and the title. It was origionally called yin.yang cruel fate. because it was about total opposites and how different they were yet in need of the other. so i was thinking to change the title to Pure love's cruel fate. ^-^

anyway the story is about 2 characters.
Kuro Aki: rich boy, jock, playboy, materialistic, smokes, drinks. basically he puts on a false image. every one likes him because he's good looking, always wears white or blue, he has a new gf everyweek(he doesn't sleep with them though) and he's just what people think is cool. But Kuro doesn't have his own identity he always follows what people tell him to do.

Hikari Sakura: the loner, artist, thought to be gothic because she wears clothes in the fashion but its really her own expression of beauty. She is always misunderstood and picked on by others. her art is the only thing that people respect her for. she's very talented and knows how to create an emotion in her work. but she's unsocial well really she's got nothing to say to people around her.

anyway the story is about how they meet. Kuro has never noticed Hikari till one day the wind picks up a blows her portfolio to pieces. Kuro hears his friend's laugh and he starts to chime in when one paper flies at his feet. he picks it up and immediatly notices it's a drawing of himself in this usual hideout behind the bleachers. before anyone can see it over his shoulder he get's up and folds it carefully putting it in his pocket (since hikari took off ) he notices her name in the bottom corner so he asks one of his female admirer's to check Hikari's scedule. he finds her eventually upstairs in the art studio working on a painting but she's flipping through her notebook searching for something. Kuro announces his presence with a question :"looking for this?" he notices she was painting his portrait and though she gets embarassed and tries to hide it he himself is captavated so much by it he stops her and asks her why she chose to use him as a subject. she remains silent for a little while then speaks softly pointing out from the window. she tells him from the view she watched him as he would hide behind the bleachers as though excaping from everyone. this made Kuro laugh but in a good way he looked at it and realized the mood was quite sad. again he questioned her as she blushed then spoke saying he seemed so fake around everyone else that she felt sad thinking of how he was empty of anything real.

the point is she can see him for what he is and he falls in love with her out of admiration for her. as he realizes he's actually in love others are opposed to his change of character and try to keep them apart. even his family gets involved and eventually hikari gets into a really bad car accident and Kuro is told she died.

after that everyone felt he'd go back to the fun loving guy he was before but... Kuro doesn't he starts an investigation of the accident and discovers hikari's body or any body was never discovered. now determined she's alive he tries to figure out the clues to her disappearance eventually finding her years later. but by then she's engaged and doesn't remember him. and instead of the bright vivid person she was she is instead empty because she lost ehr memory and also lost who she was. it's a happy ending because she does remember him after he takes her to a gallery he made for her and seeing her own art work she recalls pieces starting with paint smells and colors then finally she remembers him.

it's going to be a pure love story meaning they don't get to spend much time together yet he falls so much in love with her he just doesn't give up and keeps looking till he's found her again.

as far as having a christian theme well part of kuro's change could be he hears her talk about god and how she see's the world. also how there's more to life than what everyone expects you to do. it's about living free and self discovery. but yeah romance drama is the main theme.

well... any good?
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