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Postby edendreams » Fri Jan 27, 2006 11:42 pm

Well since i mentioned it before I have a fer stories that i've worked on since well... going on 7 years for some of the stories. anyway the main one I've spent the most time on is called Romancing Chaos. ((the origional name was Legend of Gestova then Love and entropy)) this is a summary and i know it'll probably end up being really long Lol. I'm sorry in advance i just love sharign the story.

the story is about Tess who's 15 and doesn;t feel like she belongs. after a strange incident where she was hospitalized she returned to school only to be suddenly attacked and labeled a freak by classmates. she immediatly noticed how the others stayed away from her. but she continued on ehr day despite all the harsh harassment and the hardest part was she didn't know what she had done. finally the day ended and tess was able to excape and so she ran to ehr one place of solitude. the lone willow that stands in the middle of a river just below a steep cliff. somehow the place always drew her and she felt safe there.

But this day was different already than anyother and she was about to have her life completely turned upside down. she arrived at the water's edge and tool off her shoes and school vest taking a dip in the water since it was too deep to wade through. the made her way to the willow tree. she arrived on shore and persisted to let out her agressions by yelling then after wearing herself down she sank to her knees and cried. suddenly she heard a sound from the branches above her. looking up her eyes came face to face with a handsome and oddly dressed stranger. He was blushing and trying to avoid staring down at ehr now transparent top. and thus he took off his cloak and passed it to her. Tess who normally kept to herself was turning red because he had seen a most embarassing side of her and when she got embarassed she also got stubborn. embarassment built into anger and anger became ehr words. she stood up and pointed right at his face and accused him of being a spy.
He was also a person who got stubborna nd angry easily. He slipped out of the tree and stood before her (towering ehr since he was 6'2" and she 5'3"). thus the argument began. The both flamed at eachother till both got a good grasp on the actual situation. He was taking a nap in the tree since it looked peaceful so it wasn't his fault her yelling woke him up and he went as far as to try to help ehr since she was upset. (which is against his personality since he dislikes women) but with all said and all anger poured out Tess actually felt better. but the cold air was closing in and she began to shiver. the stranger put his cloak around her shoulders and patted her head called ehr a little girl but chuckled when she got mad and departed.
Tess wasn't sure what exactly to do but she wondered if she'd see him again.

the next day:
Tess woke up in her bed she didn't rememebr coming home so she wondered if what happened at the willow tree was just a dream. she went downstairs and found ehr aunt staring at a silver emblem on the cloak he had given to tess. she looked at it and instantly recalled it wasn't a dream but the look on her aunt's face made ehr wonder. she made her presence known by asking if everything was fine. her aunt laughed and said she was simply admiring the silver emblem but didn't question why int he world tess had a cloak. Still feeling like ehr aunt was hiding something Tess grabbed ehr things and departed for school.

when she arrived she hesitantly waited by the front gates unsure what was going to happen today. a voice from behind ehr asked if she was going in or not. she turned and met the face of the stranger from the previous day. stunnned all she could do is point and make sounds that made no sense. once mroe he started to get upset but he tried to keep his cool (you'll understand better why he doesn't like to be pointed at). but before he could scold her for being rude tess was pushed out of the way by a group of girls trying to gain his attention. Tess however had sliced her ankle open when she fell and was nearly trampled on by some students arriving. the girls simply laughed at her while playing themselves up to the new guy.

Tess tried to stand herself up she was shaking but it was mostly from trying to hold back her emotions. however she was failing as the tears soaked ehr cheeks. all around her she could hear comments being said about her, the hateful eyes burning into ehr back... But suddenly she was lifted. her body becoming light as she was picked up and held tightly against the stranger's chest. he had had enough of them and made himself clear while setting them in their place. He carried her off to the nurses ward. Tess held onto him unable to help herself from crying.

meanwhile as the bell rang and the students headed in one stayed behind. she was a very beautiful girl with almost cat like eyes. she waited till everyone was gone and bent down picking up tess' books and carrying them inside.

reverting back to Tess, the nurse was out so He put ehr down on one fot he beds and fished through the cabinet for some gauze and peroxide. Tess had stopped crying once more and was watching him carefully. She asked his name and he stopped searching and looked at her. He spoke claiming his name to be Seth and as he found the peroxide he returned to mend her wound. he still couldn't help chukling as he came oevr which made her curious sos he asked. he responded without looking up that she looked like a helpless tossed out kitten. However tess didn't like the comment and crossed ehr arms in a huff. This just made him laugh more because her reactions were so different from any other girl he had met before. He mended he wound quickly and brushed his hand trough her hair so he culd look at her face for any other scratches. Tess Blushed harshly she hadn't been touched so gently by a guy ever. and she was beginning to think she liked him. she sat up once he had finished mending her foot but suddenly she winced and grabbed ehr shoulder. Seth responded quickly asking if she was hurting. she nodded but when he started to try to take her shirt off she protested. he said that she should let him take a look at least to see that it wasn't dislocated and that maybe she would feel more comfortable if he looked at it from ehr backside. Tess... told him no.

Understanding he bowed his head to her and mentioned she should try to rest a little and he'd leave the room if she so wished. Shaking her head no tess responded he could stay she'd enjoy the company. so for a while Seth stayed with her. they talked and she discoved he had two sisters one was his twin and the other much younger. but when he asked ehr if she had family Tess spoke that no she didn't have any blood relatives and that the woman she was living with wasn't her real aunt but an old family friend.
As they talked seth seemed to hold a kind of annoyance on his face to which Tess asked about. Huffing he asked ehr in retaliation where she got her manners. Tess didn't understand but her hands were busy taking a necklace off. seth just huffed again and shook his head till the glimmer of light caught his attention and he looked at her haindas she held a pendant with a crystal key shaped image. his eyes widened and as tess was int he process of putting it away she found her hand snatched by Seth.

he asked ehr where she had gotten it. Tess responded she didn't know and thought maybe she had found it.then seemingly more agitated he began to push for answers, asking her where and how long ago. Tess didn't respond his hand grew tight around her wrist tot he point it felt like it was going to break. she begged him to stop and that she didn't know, she honestly didn't know but if he wanted it so bad he should just take it. Seth pulled his hands away he couldn't believe he was getting so violent towards a girl. true he didn't like them much but he still couldn't stand to see them hurt in anyway and here he was doing the harm. Seth took in a deep breath and let out a really lng forlorn sigh. he appologized and explained he had a friend a long time ago that wore that necklace. she had disappeared and he was searching for her ever since but he could no longer recall her face he just knew that if he saw the necklace it should at least be some clue to where she vanished to. buthe had given up hope of fiding her a long time ago.

Tess listens and appologizes that she wasn't able to help him with his search she realized his actions were not meant to hurt her.
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Postby edendreams » Fri Jan 27, 2006 11:44 pm

(i want to post more lol and this is a project because i'm still working out much of the details. but please let me know what you think and i will post a breif character description.)

Contessa: the main character (tess for short). her life is one big mess from ehr past to present to future, but despite all odds if need be she can be quite strong and her compassion and willingness to forgive and understand are some of her strengths. she is afraid of large pools of water which has a lot to do with ehr past and whith her present situation. what isn't revealed yet is that Tess has a strange power she herself doesn't realize or understand but it protects her when she needs it most.
Seth (real Name is Zerien Jacen Cydor): he is what i hope many will instantly suspect about him. He's a prince but living in a house full of women along with being a handsome elligable bachelor he has had enough of dealing with women . He's currently on a mission on earth to find this warrior that long before was phrophecised to be the savior for their people and save them from their fate (the words are colliding.) and he's got an obseesion with a former childhood friend he's lost and hopes to one day find. (his first love awwww)
Note: the story is fantasy the character representations have nothing to do with god (sorry) but the story is one of moral and fighting against all odds.

other characters that will be introduced soon:
Jasmine: Zerien's twin sister who's also captain of the guards and a rare beauty however she is lonely and has known her strength is also ehr weakness in that others feel she's too good for them

Issabella: Zerien's fiance chosen by the queen. she's madly in love with him but will stop at nothing to gain what she wants.

James: Zerien's best friend who has always competted with him playfully but soon becomes his rival.

but i will reveal more in my next installment of the story thus far. please let me know what you think and it's a summary.....
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