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Co-Authors needed for Short Story Anime Series!

PostPosted: Fri Oct 07, 2005 6:09 am
by starwarsboy90
Co-Authors are needed for Anime Short Story Series, Aldean Chronicles. Inbetween College and work, I really don't have alot of time to do things nowedays, except maybe to produce. So, if you are a talented Author and want to show your work to the outside world and minister to non-believers and believers alike, respond as soon as you can.


Series Summary:

Aldean Chronicles, like Lord Of The Rings, is Fantasy and uses Christian Symbolism.Unlike Lord Of The Rings, Aldean Chronicles uses direct Christianization. What would happen if Angels and Demons who fought since Creation, had started a Holy War between Elves and Demon-like Dragons, and this Sorceress who wanted to take control of the Elvin World; encountered a Princess who ended up serving the Most High God?

The answer is, Aldean Chronicles. Throughout space and time, Angels and Demons have fought since Creation. While Earth is still young and not even under the control of the Roman Empire yet, the intergalactic struggle still rages elsewhere. In the M'nar Galaxy, on the planet of Aldea, the struggle between good and evil has heated up. A Holy war has started between the Aldeans (an Elf race), and the Shi'ado (very powerful Dragon-like demons; whom are bent on the conquest of the universe). As the forces of good are being wiped out, a flicker of light has appeared on the Relon Continent, that will ultimately change the course of the future...

Aldean Chronicles has two main characters. The first character is Sakura Durnmal, a half Shi’ado/ half Aldean, who’s father is the Shi’ado Emperor during the Holy War. Her Father sends for her, worried about her safety during the Holy War. During her travels, she travels with a Shi’ado Lord (Lord Vahloren), who is fighting her Father for control of his own dynasty and destiny. The Shi’ado Lord (the second main character) is on a quest to discover what he truly is and what he can become. He is neither evil nor good, yet hungers after power.

What Does Sakura Stand For?

Sakura means fire blossom in Japanese. Like her journey through the series, she is like a fire blossom. Early in the series, she is a towheaded six year-old girl. She is hated by the other villagers, because she is a half-breed. Sakura is beaten by the villages’ children, but is rescued by a Shi’ado Lord, who is ordered by her Father to escort her to him. Sakura travels with him, and learns about
the Most High God and how the Holy War first became to be. Sakura represents Humans who are on a spiritual journey to know themselves and know the Lord.

What Does Vahloren Stand For?

Vahloren is a powerful Shi’ado Lord. Although he is a half-breed, he acts like he is a full-blooded Demon. Vahloren, unlike Sakura, represents Humans who don’t care about God or anything else but themselves.

What Does Gabriel Stand For?

Gabriel Argadon is an Ancient Guardian ( a Paladin of God). When he first appears in the series, he is an disembodied Archangel, who feels remorse for all the accidental deaths he has caused. As the series progresses, he helps the main characters as they travel on their spiritual journeys. He becomes reborn, a new creature in Christ, and becomes a Seraphim. He represents what Christians should be, or wish to be, Paladins or Warriors for God.

What Does Draconis And Lady Ketral Stand For?

Draconis is the Emperor of the Shi’ado, and the Emperor of Aldea. He is power hungry, and evil in every word. He represents the World and all it’s dark lusts and ambitions. Lady Ketral, who appears in the series later, replaces Draconis. She represents Humanity at it’s worse, or it’s sinful nature.

What Does Ayden Argadon Stand For?

Ayden Argadon is a Paladin and an Archangel. He appears later in the series, almost at the end of Volume One. He represents most Christians, who want to serve God, yet are unsure of their abilities.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2005 11:44 am
by starwarsboy90
Welcome to the Team, Japanaman!

PostPosted: Thu Oct 13, 2005 1:57 pm
by starwarsboy90
Any other help is still appreciated!