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Comic with Potential needs Artist!

Postby GhostPoet » Thu Jul 07, 2005 11:54 am

Ok, so my other comic has an artist now...

Now I just need an artist for this one...anyone want to try? :)

Story is VERY ships, various planets and races with their own political and physiological AND physical differences.
The story centers around a squad of special soldiers. You see, their home planet is the only planet in the galaxy where a random occurrence happens every few years..a strange energy wave travels across the planet and alters the dna of a handful of people...imbuing them with abilities...or more rather increasing abilities that already exist...strength...mental powers, etc..
Strength is the most common...some are given a little strength but alot more in the ability to read minds. Those are the two most common. These few are trained and placed into special squads to enforce galactic law.

The races are pretty race uses magic for everything..from powering their starships to powering their weapons...they are an aggressive species. Another was an energy race that was dying out..the only way they could survive was by promising a less advanced alien race advanced technology in return for allowing them to merge into their bodies...the aliens tricked them and the remaining aliens took over the less advanced species using their own people and weapons. The less advanced race is now used as soldiers or as hosts when new energy beings are "born". One of the others is a race that has enslaved a crystal-like race..using their life-essence as fuel to power their ships and weapons.

Lots of interesting plots...the first story is actually a mix of sci-fi adventure meets film noir. =P let me get this one wants to join a comic with a HIGH potential of getting into the industry?:P
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Postby chibiphonebooth » Wed Oct 05, 2005 5:08 pm


ill ponder on this.

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