HanaKimi question

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HanaKimi question

Postby Momo-P » Fri May 18, 2007 5:34 pm

For about three or so years I've wanted to pick up this manga, but I can never bring myself to do it. I hear so much good about it (which doesn't surprise me because what I know sounds great), but...eh...that nurse.

Instead of tormenting myself for more years, can someone finally lay this down straight for me? ^^; I don't care if it's the most spoiler filled mess in the world, how bad is the stuff with the teacher? I also heard there's possibly a guyxguy kiss? Don't know if that's true.

I mean, I know all about the one character being attracted to Mizuki and freaking out because he thinks he's gay--that doesn't bother me. It's just the serious homosexual relationships that bother me. ^^;
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Postby Yeito » Wed Jun 27, 2007 4:35 am

What bothered me more than the doctor in HanaKimi, was how once you got passed the first few volumes the same thing happens over and over and over and over and over and over again until the very end. Just in different ways.

And yes, the doctor is unstraight. I don't really remember but yeah I think there was a kiss or two. He kissed Mizuki's brother just to make him mad I think, and then there was a guy at an onsen or something.

Over all, PERSONALLY, I thought that while the doctor's presence was a main factor to the story, his preferences didn't hold so much sway that it made me stop reading it. But that's just me, youwould have to decide for yourself.
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Postby Mangafanatic » Wed Jun 27, 2007 7:51 am

He, there were two or three pretty intense chapters about the doctors past which made me too uncomfortable to read them. I think the guy-guy action was confined to a few kisses, but, within those chapters, its treatment was very serious and, to me, bothersome.
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Postby Mave » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:56 am

The kissing scenes I recall vividly would be the following:

Vol 2 Chap 8 - Dr. Umeda X unnamed lover. Mizuki stumbles upon them when she seeks the doctor for advice. I suppose this relationship is serious.

Vol 2 Chap 10 - Dr. Umeda x Shizuki (Mizuki's brother). Nothing serious, this is done just to spite Shizuki's homophobia.

Vol 14: Sidestory - Dr. Umeda x his first high school love, Kijima. It was quite serious and eh, how should I put it.... emotionally intense? I avoided this one completely.

There may be one or two more random moments of Mizuki stumbling into Dr. Umeda with other patients in suggestive poses (but it turns out that nothing is really happening). I believe the later chapters deviate from Dr. Umeda as there is more focus on SanoXMizuki and the triangle created by Nakatsu. Hopefully, I've managed to accurately recall all scenes that may be disturbing. If not, I apolgize in advance. I can't screen through all 144 chapters so quickly.

FYI, the other same gender attractions would be:

Senri Nakao who is attracted to Minami Nanba (unrequited)
Akiha Hara who is attracted to Dr. Umeda (unrequited)

The most you're ever see out of these two eh...matchings are passionate glomps and pointless declarations of love. Since they are unrequited, I was never bothered by these, especially when the scenes are meant to be silly. But who knows, this may bother someone else so I'll mention it anyway.

Let's put it this way: HanaKimi is not apologetic about homosexual relationships but neither it is openly supportive of it. Mizuki never quite understood the same gender attraction (it puzzles her as a whole). Mizuki, like most HanaKimi characters, readily accepts individuals for who they are and leaves such relationships as it is. Interestingly, no one seems to condemn her big brother for being homophobic.

But if you're hoping for a comic that condemns homosexuality or is totally devoid of such relationships, HanaKimi is not for you.
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