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Demon Hunter or Nyves? Which do you like better

PostPosted: Fri Jul 01, 2016 6:21 am
by Never thirsty!
Just me personally being an owner of all 8 collective albums between the two I would have to say I prefer Nyves by a very small margin because I like the lyrics of Parasites a lot as well as the fact they did a great job on their cover of the Psychedelic Furs' "Love My Way" they didn't try to remake the entire song instead they took the original music and electronicized(sorry if that's not a word, I find myself making new words often) it and it was a really nice cover that made my eardrums happy. In addition I like how if you're jolted awake and the first thing you see is a Nyves album cover you don't lose it cause it's not a demon skull