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Who like's D&D

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2003 1:02 pm
by webranger7
Who likes D&D?

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2003 1:08 pm
by Gypsy
Just to let you know, I moved the thread (obviously). You'll probably get a better response to it in the General area. In fact, I think we had a D&D thread going, or a similar topic that led to it.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2003 1:15 pm
by uc pseudonym
Heh. My response wouldn't mean much to you. And there was one on the topic somewhere...

But if anyone else is going to talk on the topic, I probably could add a thing or two.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 30, 2003 2:26 pm
by Technomancer
I used to play it a lot. Unfortunately, the crowd that I used to game with is long gone. With school and everything else going on (like changing my thesis topic halfway through) I haven't reall looked up another group. :sniffle: