It came to me today

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It came to me today

Postby Zeke365 » Sat Jun 06, 2015 2:52 pm

okay I have not played any video games in 6 months related to Nintendo stuff not PC gaming. Now something never really occurred to me till today.

For those who grew up in the 90's (90's child) you may wonder why video games are so bad today. The fact of the matter is they are not bad at all say what? Let me explain, Back in the 90's video games were sort of like problem solving (which I disliked in school) so you had to figure out how to overcome this obstacle.
For example in Super Mario Bros. when a goomba came by you had a figure out how you were gonna defeat that enemy, did you jump on it, can you get by without getting hit, or you die and you figure you have to jump over it. Remember this back when computers were slow and no walkthroughs or even lets play were made back then.

Now let me fast forward to today and I can tell you there a shift that video games are going obsolete I think eventually Smart TV, and smartphones and tablets will be the next big way, dont believe, let me ask or look at anyone who has game console now and do they even play it?

Now that option on the side here's the main issue video games are over publicly to the extent that you will know about 80% of the game before it comes out, second lets plays is bad and good idea. What do I mean? I mean no longer do we have to solve the problem we can just go to a let play and get it from there, plus games are getting easier as well, because no one wants to solve the problem they just want the answer, and by doing so you ruin the whole experience of playing a video games, another reason lets play are bad is causes the player not to have any motivation to by the game, they can just watch let's play of someone else doing it instead. The Good is for walkthroughs and stuff like adventure games this a brilliant idea but let's play are so saturated on YouTube why bother?

I even experienced this when I was playing I would juts do let's play and play the game and sort ruins the experience of you figuring stuff out, I talking in all broad sections of the video game world. For adventure games walkthroughts though it can ruin the experience some enhance it, now I think Nintendo Miiverse is a wonderful idea in it provides hints not walkthroughts to make you solve the game. This probably why indy games are so popular cause you have to figure out stuff there no let play, no walkthroughts it up to you.

I hope this explains question I had for a long time are video games really that bad or something else? tell me your thoughts weather you agree or disagree with this.
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Re: It came to me today

Postby Ante Bellum » Sat Jun 06, 2015 4:23 pm

Just don't watch LPs if you don't like them.
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Re: It came to me today

Postby Xeno » Sat Jun 06, 2015 4:28 pm

Games are actually really fun and good and I think you should play some.
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Re: It came to me today

Postby mechana2015 » Fri Jun 12, 2015 10:51 pm

I... I'm pretty confused by you saying the 90s were 'before walkthroughs'. EGM was founded back in 89 and had online prescence by '95, same year GameFAQs was founded. Nintendo power was around back to '86 and had a full walkthroughs of the Legend of Zelda back then, along with many other major games. I think they even had a Mario walkthroughs with printed out images of the full level with secret areas labeled and every enemy starting point marked. Also the kings of the spoiler full game guide, Prima were founded in 1990, I ended up reading a lot of Prima guides, since I didn't own a console back then, let alone all of them, and places like GameFAQs once I got online, to get the story of games I didn't have access to or couldn't afford. I definitely don't remember it being walkthroughs free... Hence my confusion.

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