What Game Are You Playing Right Now?

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Re: What Game Are You Playing Right Now?

Postby Sundown » Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:30 pm

I grew bored of strategic games and set aside Awakening for a while; only picked it back up a few days ago.

Perhaps I'm losing my touch, but despite Hard mode being described as 'for experienced series players' I'm finding it a lot more difficult than previous games. The latter levels were nearly unplayable and I barely scraped by the endgame - the only reason I made it is because Chrom Aether'ed twice during the finishing blows. Guess I'll go back to Shadow Dragon and hone my non-existent skills.
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Re: What Game Are You Playing Right Now?

Postby Bobtheduck » Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:06 pm

Final Fantasy XV.

My favorite FF game since X. Gameplay is way better than 12 and 13 (especially 13, because I HATE the battle system in 13), and I like the real time KH style battle system better than ATB, though I think I like X's true turn based system better, and both sphere grid and materia were better leveling systems than the ascension grid, and the magic system in FFXV is the most out of place in the series, even comparing it to 8 and 1. I like that it's more open world (at least the first half) since I've been getting into those kind of games lately, and I love the characters (except Gladio post Altissia... Can't stand him after that.)The story is lacking because of the DLC nonsense, which I'm not happy about, but it's not as lacking and unfinished feeling as MGS5, and unlike MGS5 they actually DO plan on finishing the story (via the aforementioned DLC). I would have paid another 60 bucks to properly finish MGS5, but that won't happen now.

I also watched Brotherhood, which I loved. I really want to see more with these characters but I don't like how exploitative the current "season pass" style system is...

It'll take longer to place it properly in my FF ranking, but I know it's above 1, 12, and 13 for me for certain. The only games I really don't like are 1 and 13, so it's not like I hate 12, it's just I was really put off by the MMO style battle system. 13 is just SO TERRIBLE, though. And 1 is boring, and has almost not story to speak of. I'll be able to say in a year how it compares to X, which is the story based game I spent the most time on in my entire life (the only games I played more were Civ 2 and Sim Tower).
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