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I do not know what to do?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:53 pm
by Zeke365
To give you a little background to help you understand my situation. I worked at Stevie bs a pizza buffet similar to cc's for 5 years then I resigned in march hoping to get a better job. I have since been in a work training program that is trying to help me get a new job, problem is there all restaurants jobs which something I do not want to go back into. So I keep looking and I m still not finding THAT JOB that makes you say yes I will would like do something like that in my area.
I pray to God about this and I get the same answer every single time "your doing what your suppose to be doing." It may be I need to wait or God is telling something otherwise

to help you understand I do events through myst online game and make movies from a tmu movie site not to promote here are the links and this more sideline work to my real job unless God wants me to turn this into real job somehow.

so another question is if I were to put in 1 or 2 jobs that does something like what would be or what is God telling me about this, I need an outside perspective.

Re: I do not know what to do?

PostPosted: Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:33 am
by Davidizer13
First, you're not going to make any money from Myst machinima, I can tell you that for certain.

What industries or trades does your area have that are unique to it? For example, Las Vegas has tourism, the Midwest has factory towns, the tech industry in northern California, etc. One place I lived had a lot of hospitals, so I worked in a laboratory for one.

And maybe it will be a waiting game. Maybe there's training you need to look into, or there's some preparing that God is putting you through now. I went to college to be a geologist, and after I graduated it took several months for the first job to come along, and after I lost that one it took two more years for the next. In that time I had a rethink of what my priorities were - I was holding off on marrying someone I knew I was going to because I was convinced I needed work in my field before I did. After praying and talking it out with her, I was convinced that the fact that I had a good job wasn't as important as the fact that was holding me back from something better.