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Kuroko's Basketball
Kuroko no Basket/Kuroko no Basuke
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Content Overview
Violence: 2 / 10
Nudity: 3 / 10
Theo Theme: 2 / 10
Neg Theme: 2 / 10

Brief Description:
Tetsuya Kuroko is a former member from the legendary middle school basketball team known as "The Generation of Miracles". Upon meeting Taiga Kagami he decides upon becoming his shadow to help him become Japan's greatest basketball player.

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US Release date: Unlicensed
US Distributor: Unlicensed
My Anime List's rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older
Kuroko's Basketball is complete at 25 episodes.
User Reviews
04/16/2014: ForeverInspired [ Already Rated ]

Violence / Gore: Some boys on the court were once picked on.

Nudity / Sexual Content: High school boys take off shirts for fitness exam by coach. They are often pictured in baths, but you only see the upper half. One main character is seen walking into the bath with a towel in front of his private parts - nothing of them is seen.

Potentially problematic theological themes: One character is presumptuous and believes in good and bad luck and "lucky items".

Other potentially problematic themes: Some swearing.

FINAL VERDICT: This is a crazy series. I was never interested in basketball, but I am now that I've watched this series. It is true when people say this is THE sports series to watch even if you don't like sports. Everyone and anyone can enjoy the plot and the character development. Also, this series does know when to play it serious and when to just have fun. This is one of the first series I'd recommend to anyone.

Added: February, 2014