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Violence: 2.5 / 10
Nudity: 2.5 / 10
Theo Theme: 3 / 10
Neg Theme: 1.5 / 10

Brief Description:
Year released: 98 (US), 97 (JP).
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Age: Suitable for all ages (10 and up for original version).
Description from Amazon: Although it's unabashedly product-based and overly cute at times, Pokémon remains an agreeable children's entertainment that stresses friendship, perseverance, and good sportsmanship. The first broadcast season introduces the main characters and follows them through first part of the game in its original Red and Blue versions. Aspiring Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum must establish a bond with Pikachu, the ultra-cute, but initially recalcitrant "electric mouse." He leaves his home in Pallet Town and quickly befriends fellow-trainers Misty and Brock. As the trio wanders through forests and towns, Ash begins collecting Pokémon and fighting other trainers. (The fights are very tame: Pokémon faint when they're exhausted, but are never injured or killed.) The three friends also outwit inept comic villains of Team Rocket, Jesse, James, and Meowth. Ash gradually matures through his experiences.

Suitable for ages 10+.
User Reviews
February, 2012: Watermaster2 [ Already Rated ]

Note: I am one that likes to include everything in my reviews, so I apologize if the lists are inconvenient.
Also, although the lists may make it seem like a lot of bad content, this anime is actually very tame compared to others.

Violence/gore review: Regular comical violence ((with two slaps in the Japanese version, episode 1 and 3)). We do see one nick of blood, but it's very little.

Sexual/nudity review: A hermaphrodite and sexual comment in episode 7. (Japanese)

Two sexual comments and a transsexual scene in episode 18. (Japanese)

A cross dressing scene (for good reason) in episode 26.

A cross dressing character (a minor one) in episode 28.

It was hinted that the main characters could have been nude in a hot springs, but they weren't in episode 31.(Japanese)

A sexual comment and a close up of breasts ((they're not actually seen, just the girl's shirt) from that comment in episode 34.(Japanese)

A girl character did wear a magician's assistant outfit, but it's no worse than a bathing suit.

The main characters only wear towels in a hot spring in episode 58.

Also, a main character tends to cross dress often.

Theological review: The Pokemon do evolve, but it's usually looked at as more metamorphosis rather than Darwin's theory.

There are prehistoric Pokemon that come back to life, although they were looked at more as, "sleeping".

There are also ghosts (including the Pokemon type), but it really depends on your view of them.Also a character's soul was taken out of their body for a short time and then put back.

Not sure if I should include it or not, but there was one Japanese festival celebrated that helps wandering souls to move on into the after life.

There were Pokemon that worshiped an object as a God. (Japanese)

There is a light green message in a few episodes.

There are some Pokemon that are thought to be from space, therefor aliens, but it never really goes in depth about it.

Other theological themes review: The word, d**n is used a time or two. (Japanese)

One minor character is seen with a cigaret.

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Added: February, 2012